Buy Stingless Native Bee Hives for sale SE QLD Brisbane & Surrounds

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    For Sale

    Native bee hives with bees included for sale in Brisbane and surrounding SE QLD areas. Innovative Vertical Split design for easy splitting and inspection of brood or hive maintenance.


    Australian native bee hive in box

    A choice of Carbonaria, Australis or Hockinsi species, in a vertical splitting box of Cypress pine for it's white ant resistance qualities.

    Made with best quality materials

    50 mm thick walls for insulation against heat and cold. Stainless steel wiring to resist hive collapse. This box has been designed for ease of splitting the hive to produce another hive.

    Comes with a honey super, 70 mm deep, shown in second photo, a metal lid and a Emlock strap.

    This hive is very reasonably priced at $please enquire Available for pick-up at:

    Brighton, QLD, 4017, Northside Brisbane
    Phone 07 3869 3770.

    Available within two days.


    Video of this type of bee hive box being split

    Video of inspecting native bee hives

    More information:

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