Best way to utilise “natural resource“ Aussie bush


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May 8, 2018
Hi All,
I am starting this thread to get some advice on how to best utilise the council land behind my block in far nth nsw. The previous owner unfortunately poisoned some trees which u may see in the photos. What possessed him to do this I have no idea (obviously he was a moron). We bought the place 10 months ago and in cleaning up the garden beds I put some old cherry tomato plants down the back under the trees (I dumped them there didn’t dig them in). So for the last 8 months we have had cherry tomatoes growing wild down there. Anytime I want some I just go get them but more come back continually. Hence why I now call the area a resource. I have planted a cutting of sweet potato which is making progress keeping the weeds down. Today we trimmed Palm trees from out the front and I have put them down there going to use as mulch\weed control/ and basically just somewhere to dump it. Ok so if I could get some feedback on my thoughts and key points that would be great. i have vege gardens on my block growing seasonal veg doing ok. I have spent the last 2 hours pulling weeds and cleaning up the area although it doesn’t look like it in the photos. There are dozens of tomatoes in there although phots don’t show them.So here are My thoughts:
1. Aim is to replace weeds and grass with vines such as pumpkin,potato,tomato,watermelon etc and more compost areas
2. council maintain and poison the area but I believe the dude doing it will see I’m looking after it and leave it alone..he appears to have done that with my tomatoes
3. We need to be conscious of attracting rodents and snakes as brown snakes are prevalent in the area
4. the soil is clay but rich with years of decaying tree matter
5. the area gets filtered afternoon sun depending on time of year
6. scrub turkeys are around and may become an issue with pumpkin etc
7. I work in a factory and can get plenty of clean cardboard.
8. There is a fair amount of wood chip not far away

Sorry for such a long post it’s as much a diary for myself as much as anything. I’m thinking I will section off an area At a time, get rid of all weeds, cover with cardboard for weed control, plant some of my target plants through the cardboard and hope for the best. Anyone got any better ideas?
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Mar 27, 2020
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Your plans are pretty well exactly what I would do if that were my place and it's neighbouring land Pauljm, are you able to chop/mulch the palm fronds down a bit, if not you could layer them underneath the wood chip mulch so it doesn't look like they are litter or have been dumped. I think that if you do get the area covered with wood chip it might be enough to show you are maintaining the area but I'd try to talk to the council worker if possible and failing that, you could put some signs up - someone in our nearby town did this on her verge, put up little signs asking for no sprays to be used and stating the small plants were natives. It took a while but the council workers eventually left the area alone and it is now an established and nice looking verge.