Bee Garden Challenge

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Jun 13, 2013
Clontarf, Qld
Hey everyone, I am running a Bee Garden Challenge through my Facebook page and website:

Here's some basic info, any support is appreciated.

Bee Garden Challenge!
Gardening is great for your mental health and also a great activity for your kids, it will also help the bees!!

What to do
  1. Start a new garden… Flower garden, Vege garden, Pots etc, What ever you like that will benefit Bees
  2. Take a before photo of the area so we can see how it looks before you started
  3. Take another photo of it at it’s best
  4. Post the two photos before December 14. Post on the Native Bee Hives Facebook Page here: or email .
  5. Good photos presented in an understandable way will help me and others understand what you have accomplished and your chances of winning.

Challenge starts now!
Ends December 14

Get the prizes for Christmas.. Posting prizes with in Australia only.

**Even if you don’t come back and post photos, think about starting a garden that will provide resources for the bees!

***If anyone or businesses want to donate prizes let me know!


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Jul 15, 2020
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I have an area that I re-sow with native pollinator wildflowers every year. It is getting bigger and more diverse, and I noticed it was quite popular this summer! I had some old kale seed, so I added that last year, and it became a whole mini-ecosystem of pest insects, followed by beneficials. It was an unintended but welcome benefit that the pest seemed to prefer the wild kale to my cultivated veggie plants!

Unfortunately, almost all the flowers are dormant right now, and they won't bloom before the end of this year, so no opportunity to participate in the contest. Too hot and dry to plant any new seeds right now, although I will be putting some more out in fall. I am trying to add some native herbal/edible plants into the mix, as well. For now, the bees are enjoying the beds of lavender and mint that have grown out of control.
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