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    For those who missed the last one:

    Bush Ranger Starter Kit 2 Pack
    Special Limited Offer! Sets up 2 hoses with Hoselink

    The Bush Ranger Starter Kit 2 Pack allows you to switch to Hoselink's no-burst hose fittings on two garden hoses and taps. That's enough to set up both your front and back garden hoses.

    You get:

    • Universal Tap Connector x2
    • Hose End Connector x4
    • Accessory Connector x2
    • Premium Metal Trigger Nozzle x2
    Follow our simple instructions to connect Hoselink to your hoses and enjoy reliable, no-burst watering. Only Hoselink hose fittings are guaranteed to never burst off your hose.

    With free delivery included in the price, there has never been a better time to make the switch to Hoselink fittings.

    NB: No further discounts apply to this product.

    Universal Tap Connector
    Specially engineered to easily screw onto any standard Australian tap thread. It’s built tough to deliver a 100% watertight seal so you can rest assured it won’t burst off under high pressure.

    Hose End Connector
    Clamps your hose into the hose fitting so it won’t come apart. This unique technology utilises a barb and white split ring that locks your hose and fitting together in a super tough connection making it practically impossible to break.

    Accessory Connector
    Screws directly into the thread at the base of your Hoselink accessory to easily connect it to your hose. The Accessory Connector can also replace the click-on connection on most non-Hoselink watering accessories. If you purchase multiple Accessory Connectors you can quickly switch your hose between all of your watering accessories with a simple ‘point and twist’.

    Premium Metal Trigger Nozzle
    You can rely on this high quality heavy duty metal Spray Gun for all of your watering needs. Complete water control is yours by simply turning the nozzle head and long periods of watering become a breeze with the continuous spray lock feature.

    All for $39.90 (no I don't work for them. :) )
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    I got this deal via email now that I'm on the books ;)
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    Yep, once you've purchased from them, they've got you with their email list for posting deals such as this one.

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