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May 27, 2012
Bellmere, QLD

Introductions aren't compulsory but I thought I'd better introduce my own self, since I did create this category after all. :)

I live in Queensland, Australia (specifically Bellmere) on 3 acres in a semi-rural estate that's only 50 mins from the capital Brisbane. We (wife and kids) settled here in 2005, following several years of looking for the right property to suit the lifestyle and dreams we wanted and had for a new begining after long military careers.

My interest in self sufficiency is evident; however, the decision to maintain a blog and now a forum was something that grew from questions I was asked by family and friends about growing fruit and vegetables, building garden beds, raising poultry etc. I like answering questions (if I can), I also like writing and I like telling a story; although, I'm not great at either. Still, I enjoy imparting info and receiving it, so I decided to delve into the online world through blogging/forums and it seems to be working for me.

Therefore, whether you're a fellow Australian or a fellow citizen of this magnificent world wherever you are or whoever you are, thanks for dropping in and visiting our forum. We would really love it for you to sign-in make this your own pad and contribute because diversity of opinion is like diversity of a species - it breeds resilienceand solves problems. And here, it's all done by friendly chatting and networking.

So, hello and have fun here at the SSCCF! :D