1. Vincent Marracino


    Hello!!!!!! My name is Vince I live in Zanesville Ohio, USA. Since 2010 I've been growing little gardens where I could and in 2017 my wife and I bought our first house. That year I used the side of my house as a small garden which was awesome. The following year I built a raised garden bed and...
  2. Letsgokate

    Dutch Buckets - Hydroponics

    As mentioned previously with hubby health issues and me having to take most of the load around the place I had a break from growing veggies for the year. Just now getting back into it but his health issue made me realise I need to find easier and simpler way of doing things. Less back breaking...
  3. Letsgokate

    Crop rotation

    Have some questions re crop rotation. I have read that things like tomatoes, brassica, potatoes are not supposed to be regrown in the same bed to help stop diseases, and a 3 year rotation schedule is recommended. Brassica is such a large family that can be grown over many seasons, for sub...