1. G

    Recommend Tradewinds South Coast Online Nursery

    Hey Guys, I was searching for new indoor plant and rare tropical fruit trees that grow well in Australia. I found this website called Tradewinds South Coast. I contacted the owner who was easy to deal with. They have heaps of different fruit trees like chocolate pudding fruit, ice cream bean...
  2. Mark

    Tip How to use this forum

    This forum (or section) was created to provide a discussion area specific to TROPICAL climates. Most fruit & veg discussions should be placed in the Fruit & Vegetable Growing forum. If you have a question or a discussion point that is clearly TROPICAL climate-related then use this forum.
  3. Viana

    Question Zero gardening experience

    Hi! I'm Viana from the Philippines. I've always wanted to get into gardening but found it really intimidating especially since I don't see much YouTube gardeners from tropical climates. I was wondering what would you recommend for me to plant that's easy, and doable in a small space? Also...