1. Manmanseven

    Hello from Rutherglen, Vic

    Hello all, Like many others i have recently discovered Mark and Self Sufficient Me. I can honestly not remember what the first video was that i saw but since then have been chipping my way through them all. Brilliantly hosted by Mark, love the dad jokes and great information. A little about...
  2. Reasons_Why

    Hello from Melbourne!

    Hey everyone, i'm a 17 year old from Melbourne Australia, I've gardened ever since i could walk (literally) and i have grown many many things over my life, i collect and grow aquatic plants, and i grow plants by season each year! Right now I'm just starting to plant all my winter crop, Chinese...
  3. S

    NSW, new to gardening

    Morning guys, I'm Saljavin but you can call me Sal if you'd like, I'm 19 and I enjoy planting varieties of flora that grow in my region, Currently I'm growing potatoes for the first time and they are doing really well which I'm very happy about, I've also got a project for a water flow PVC pipe...
  4. Mac McDermott

    Mac signing on!

    Hi, I’m medically retired. Eyes are no good. So retirement is the future and I have a two acre block at Laidley Heights. Looking to build in the next twelve months. Came across the channel when looking for self sufficiency content. Love it. Bachelor with big plans for an orchard and...
  5. Manuka Kat

    Good to See Mark Trying New Ideas

    Hello from the rolling red Farm Country in Northern Tassie between Devonport & the snowy beaches of Port Sorell. I'm from England, so a long way from 'home,' although I lived in US many years which was my home before returning to UK, so I suppose you could say I've spent my life trying to get...
  6. G

    Hey! You can call me Glob.

    I'll confess I'm here because of the sifter contest, but after looking around I see there are some knowledgable people here with great info to share. Glad I got pointed in this direction. In the grand scheme of things I'm only just getting started on my self sufficient journey. As of right now...
  7. Breanna Anglin


    Hey everyone. I'm Breanna from Texas. I'm so excited to be here.
  8. Helen Acosta

    Hello from Central California

    Love Self Sufficient Me! While the climate in Bakersfield, CA is dry rather than tropical I've learned so much that I've been able to apply in my little downtown urban garden atrached to my 99 year old California Cottage.
  9. A

    Tip Intro & Gardening Hack

    Hi all, Ace Williams here from Tampa Florida. I'm a/ musician/comedian/environmentalist/producer and gardener. I love SSM's videos and it's the main reason I got deeper into gardening, so much so, I felt compelled to make and share a few hacks on my YouTube channel. Here's one, I hope you like...
  10. KangaBanga

    Hello from Rainy Brissy

    Hi everyone, I am an aspiring "self sufficient" gardener with a young family in a typical Aussie suburb in Southside Brisbane. I am a big believer in the "garden of Eden" style gardening. Been a big long time fan of Mark's youtube channel and his many humorous videos. My garden : In our...
  11. C

    Introducing myself

    Hello everyone, my passion is composting, the necessary transition by which life is renewed. I am presently living in Louisiana where the weather permits gardening outside year around without to many provisions. It is a privilege to interact with you all especially Mr Mark the founder of Self...
  12. Matthew Duke

    It'sa me - Mattio

    Hey everyone, I'm from Melbourne, Australia, 28 y.o., male, and enjoy candle lit dinners and long romantic walks along the beach. The dream is to move out to a nice house on a few acres with a strong NBN connection, the missus, and 50 kids. As all aussies know, the NBN connection is even less...
  13. Aidann Greenwolfe

    Greetings from Kansas City!

    Hello everyone. I'm relatively new to the Kansas City area. Just about to begin my very small back yard garden. It's finally warmed up a bit here after a very snowy and icy winter. I'm from a desert climate and learning how to garden all over again is going to be interesting. But I'm excited...