1. Bobo

    Question Coffee grounds on garden

    Hi all, new here, im relatively new to gardening as well I have recieved a bag of old coffee beans, about a year old, so i am not really willing to drink it, but it would be a shame to let it go to waste, i have heard composting too much coffee can be bad for a garden but i also heard it is good...
  2. laura roberts

    Greetings from South Georgia USA

    Greetings all! I've been following the youtube channel for some time and I love it because I have a very similar climate here in South Georgia. Hubby is retired from the military and we were finally able to get our little homestead here. I keep adding to the garden every year, we've been here...
  3. Pattihabby

    Hi From NE Ohio

    Hi My name is Patti and I live 30 miles SE of Cleveland, Ohio ! We are in a Temperate zone = zone 6A, so we get all seasons and the Lake Effect weather from Lake Erie... I Love watching Mark, I learn so much and get a Smile while watching his antics. A Real Down to Earth Guy (pun intended) ...
  4. Manuka Kat

    Good to See Mark Trying New Ideas

    Hello from the rolling red Farm Country in Northern Tassie between Devonport & the snowy beaches of Port Sorell. I'm from England, so a long way from 'home,' although I lived in US many years which was my home before returning to UK, so I suppose you could say I've spent my life trying to get...
  5. Kirk deDoes

    Winter -- Hancock, Michigan

    Hello from Hancock, Michigan, USA. Before first snowfall in October, I was able to plant garlic. June is when snow, hopefully, will be gone.
  6. vikinglord13

    Tip New to Illinois, new to gardening/farming!

    Hello all, I just moved from Southern California out to Naperville, IL, to join my wife. We I just started our garden and want to eventually get into growing our own vegetables and fruits, and possibly have hens for chickens; however, we're just starting with some flowers to hopefully attract...