1. Vincent Marracino


    Hello!!!!!! My name is Vince I live in Zanesville Ohio, USA. Since 2010 I've been growing little gardens where I could and in 2017 my wife and I bought our first house. That year I used the side of my house as a small garden which was awesome. The following year I built a raised garden bed and...
  2. J

    Hi from Childers,Queensland

    My name is Julie. I am just over 50 & am a Mum of 4. I have 2 Rottweiler girls, 2 boy Cats & just under 100 Heritage Breed Chooks. I breed the chooks & incubate their eggs. I hatch around 300 chicks each Spring & sell them. I love to garden. I grow flowers, herbs, fruits & vegetables. I also...
  3. allen c

    Soil Vs Hydroponic Watermelons and Cucumbers!

    Hey there! Has anybody else done comparisons of soil grown vs hydroponic grown watermelons and cucumbers? I decided to give it a try this summer in my backyard using "Passive Hydroponics" for these thirsty foods. I've also made a video on how it is going as of 6 weeks into the project. If you...
  4. Mark

    Vegetable garden tour subtropical climate

    Here's a tour of my vegetable garden allotment :)