1. Erica Sandoval


    I started my spice garden in my window still about 4 days ago so I can move them out when it warms up. My concern is, would it be too cold on the sill for them to sprout? I want make sure they also get sun when they do peek up. Any tips here? *Somewhat of a beginner at this
  2. Midwest_Ben

    Hi I'm Ben

    Hi Im Ben and i live in wisconsin. Even though I have grown plants before, gardening like this is a newer experience for me. I want to do it, but do not know how much i can get away with living in a trailer park. I hope for some suggestions and tips considering the small space i have to work...
  3. Viana

    Question Zero gardening experience

    Hi! I'm Viana from the Philippines. I've always wanted to get into gardening but found it really intimidating especially since I don't see much YouTube gardeners from tropical climates. I was wondering what would you recommend for me to plant that's easy, and doable in a small space? Also...