Water Storage

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General Information

Water catchment from rain gutter runoff

Specifications (if any)

Barrels come with fittings installed for easy deployment straight from the box. Top cover has a screen to prevent debris and mosquito entry. Side and bottom ports to connect barrels and overflow hoses.


Ready to go straight out of the box.
Free shipping in USA
Low cost compared to others

Cons (if any)

Smells like brine
Can be scratched or scuffed
Multiples might not match in looks/design
Color might not match your decor
Not freeze proof, drain for winter

Other Information

Got these for my Mom as a early Mother’s Day gift. I ran a gutter piece along the edge of her porch/lattice to prevent runoff and capture it for her flowers. Works really well and looks better that the trash cans (rubbish bins) I was using.
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Nice Wanda water is one of our most valuable assets every bit you can catch is great. Dave

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