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Tomatoes For Everyone written by Allen Gilbert is a 142 page book (medium size paperback) which is all about growing tomatoes.

I have this book in my collection and I have referenced its contents many times over the years. First released in 1997 and reprinted in 2006 Allen calls the book "A practical guide to growing tomatoes all year round."

Why did I buy it? Because tomatoes are a wonder food, and the base for so many meals, and since I grow them I wanted to know as much about how to best grow tomatoes as I could so I got this specialist book.

Tomatoes can be difficult to grow and sometimes identifying why they aren't growing or solving a problem with a plant can be illusive. This book is a good reference point.

It shows the basics for beginners like growing from seed to general care throughout the whole growing season. There's an extensive disease and pest section to diagnose what's wrong with your plants and at the end of the book are two charts showing images and descriptions of top varieties to grow with Allen's ratings.

I believe it's an Australian book but I have found it advertised on Amazon and it's also for sale on eBay world wide at differing prices.

Specifications (if any)

Layout - The book is easy to read, hold, and flip to relevant sections.

Tips - There are mountains of great tips to be found about how to better grow tomatoes.

Tomato charts - A selection of varieties and a special rated section of varieties from the Seed Savers Network.


Images - The quality of images are fine but I thought the book could have had even more shots of different tomato varieties. In particular, the charts at the end of the book describes and rates lots of tomatoes but unfortunately doesn't show an image for all (only some).

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Pros: As mentioned in my showcase review
Would have given it 5 stars if it had more pics.


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