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Quick Pickled Cucumbers

  • This is a quick pickled cucumber recipe I knocked up.

    The first image is of the empty jar (just with pickling solution remaining) but it does have the recipe written on it - a picture tells a thousand words :p

    The second image is some gherkins I picked this morning and quickly pickled. From start to finish, the whole process takes less than 15 minutes and a jar of pickled cucumbers is done!

    Edit: I've added more images of a batch where I used mustard leaf and stems instead of mustard seeds. This method still gives a mustard hint of flavour but it also colours the pickling solution with a purple tint (from the leaf colour).

    You can also pickle mustard stems whole by themselves for a great snack or used as a food flavouring to other recipes wanting a slight mustard hit.
  • The ingredients is written on the jar but for those who can't read my messy hand writing:
    • 250 mils white wine vinegar
    • 250 mils apple cider vinegar
    • 100 mils water
    • 2 x table spoons of salt
    • 2 x individual garlic cloves (left whole)
    • 1 x teaspoon mustard seed
    • 1 x teaspoon black peppercorns
    • 1 x table spoon dill (dried) or several sprigs fresh
    The above ingredients makes enough for one large jar.
    1. Pick the cucumbers - find small ones no longer than 4 inches (3 inches or less is ideal). If you don't have gherkins (baby cucs) only large cucumbers, then you should slice then in half and then into 3 or 4 inch lengths.
    2. Wash and rub off the spines.
    3. Pack cucumbers tightly into a sterile jar along with the garlic cloves (also add some fresh dill if avail)
    4. Place all the pickling ingredients into a small pot mixing them and bring to the boil, then turn off.
    5. Pour the hot pickled solution over the cucumbers and place the lid on.
    6. Leave to cool, refrigerate, or place in a cool dark place like a pantry for about 4 weeks to let the cucumbers absorb the pickling solution and become "pickled."
    7. After 4 weeks - eat!
  • Pickled cucumbers are great on their own but you can make them into a salad or use them on biscuits etc.

    I have written some serving suggestions on the blog Marks Pickled Cucumber Recipes, which is more in depth if you want to know more.