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Mouse Melon

Author Rating:
Average Member Rating:
Other Names:
Cucamelon, Melothria scabra, Mexican sour gherkin
Basic Growing Tips:
  • Grows in most soil conditions
  • Can be grown all year (under certain conditions)
  • Grows best in full sun
  • Heirloom variety
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  1. Mick
    "Great little grower"
    Pros - Quick to grow, prolific. Picked young, tastes good. Grow well in small space if required.
    Interesting little plant. Tried for the first time this year, and was pleasantly surprised. Great in salads when picked young. It will cover quite a large area for its size. I think that it should be used by more people if only for its novelty value, although it tastes pretty good. I now have some self seeded ones coming up.
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  2. Jeff Keys
    "Thanks for introducing me to mouse melons"
    Pros - Shared the outcome of a mouse melon trial. Innovation.
    Thanks for introducing us to mouse melons. Ours are growing well and supplementing our summer salads. We've pickled some and Noni is brining a batch to see how they'll go in a martini. More to follow...
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    1. Mark
      Thanks Jeff! I'm keen to hear about the different ways you use them. Ours now selfseed in the patch so we tend to have mouse melons most of the year now. Its a handy vine to grow. :)