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Imperial Mandarin

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Other Names:
Citrus reticulata
Basic Growing Tips:
  • Grows in most soil conditions
  • Can be grown all year (under certain conditions)
  • Grows best in full sun
  • Grafted tree/plant
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  1. Mary Playford
    "I have a great interest in this variety"
    Pros - They tasted fantastic
    Cons - Mine is not fast enough to grow
    I ate many of this variety over the years. My sister had a tree and recently my friend. I often pick some from my friend's tree. I made some awesome marmalade from them too.

    I bought a young tree 2 or 3 years ago. It was a one stem tree. I pruned it at the end of last summer, now it is starting to bush up.

    I cannot wait to pick my own fruit from the tree.
  2. Mark
    "A top mandarin tree!"
    Pros - Heavy cropper and great tasting mandarin.
    Easy to peel.
    Great for lunch boxes
    Cons - Can be a biennial fruiter or fruit heavily one year then not much the next year.
    Birds and wildlife to like the fruit also but I don't net my tree as it usually produces enough fruit for everyone.
    Overall, I rate our Imperial Mandarin as one of our best and most productive fruit trees - ever our dog eats them (as long as the peel is removed for him) and they're just so easy to eat as a garden snack.

    Aphids can be a problem on new shoots but a spray with garden oil or pyrethrum does the trick. Birds do love eating the fruit but they tend to come late in the season when the fruit is overdue for picking and anyway they never damage too much produce.

    This is my favourite mandarin and a great tree to have in the home garden!