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It's a Coffee Table / BBQ / Fireplace / furniture / piece of art / area heater / foot warmer
I built this yesterday. Took about 4 hours. I had a pile of bricks and steel that needed a purpose.
I did some design work, laid some bricks out, figured it would be simple to keep it all square, but you could make it different shapes.

I had to do a first burn - burns the paint off and calculate the height of the optional bbq plate
The theory was to have the grill level with the bricks, but the food would get burnt, so that might need some redesigning. I cooked some snags as a test.. i think the bbq plate might need to be about the height in the photo.

after dinner, remove the bbq plate and relax with a beer... the heat radiates everywhere. The heat is radiated out underneath so you put your feet under it for warmth. The bricks create a huge mass that radiates heat, it's awesome. It's all sealed so no fire or coals can drop out the bottom. This is ideal for your outdoor areas, wooden deck etc.

There's heaps of potentially different configurations, but this one is designed more around being a coffee table where people can sit all around it. Ofcourse if you want to cook a big bbq you just use your normal bbq, if you want to go yuppy and cook a few little things you just sit the bbq plate on. I might do a bit more design of the bbq plate configuration.

I used my new little Inverter welder, and i ran out of sticks, so i still have to do a few more welds, clean it all up and paint it black, so it should look a bit classy.

Fuel: I just use heat beads. They're about $10 a bag, i got the normal ones and also the "easy light" ones. I use mostly the normal ones, but when you want to get a bit of a flame up you throw a few Easy Light ones on, the rest of the time it's just coals and no flame.

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Pros: I really Love this. I will have to try and make It. Great idea! :)
Love it and want it
Pros: Practical, recycling, multi-purpose.
Well done Stevo. That's a great knock up for an afternoons work. Coffee table, fire-pit, and BBQ all in one. Double thumbs up.


Wow, that is thinking outside the box and a great use of spare resources laying ground.

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