Chocolate Mint Herb

Other Names
After Dinner Chocolate Mint Herb
Basic Growing Tips
Grows in most soil conditions, Best grown in cooler conditions, Don't over feed - moderate fertiliser only, Grows best in full sun
I just love Choc Mint, for me living in Toowoomba, I need to put in greenhouse during colder months so as not to kill the poor thing. This mint we use in multiple things, its great in drinks, desserts, execellent in fruit salad gives and dried for baking, give it a go :)
Pros: Easy to grow and keeps coming back after planting once. Can be kept in containers or raised beds and it well even in clay soil.
Cons: Can take over if not contained in some manner. Even hops boarders easily.
We use it for making teas, as a rodent deterrent and for making mint extract. We like it so much more than other varieties.
I grow mine in our aquaponics and it really likes it all year round and that also gives me the ability to move the media aside and prune the roots so it doesn't over take the growbed.