Bokashi Compost Bucket For Kitchen Scraps Indoor Composter (maze)

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Here's my new indoor composter which uses the Bokashi system to help break down the food scraps from the kitchen ready for the compost heap.

Previous to this we have been using a standard container as the "slops bucket" where we place all green waste to go into the compost heap. We needed a container because often kitchen scraps are collected at night and nobody wants to venture out to the compost heap in the evening to feed the possum :D

We also have a chicken scraps container where we place any chicken friendly kitchen or table scraps to be given out to the hens (usually in the afternoon when putting them to bed back in their pen).

Anyway, our slops container just wasn't "cutting it" because it would fill up too quick, it looked unsightly, and generally it didn't quite work as well as we'd like. So, I went on the hunt for a proper kitchen compost bucket but do you think I could actually find one that was a reasonable size? No.

Then I found this Bokashi bucket made by Maze at my local hardware and I immediately liked the size and also the black colour so the food didn't show through.

The only problem is the Bokashi system is meant to be used with their Bokashi grain (one packet lasts about a month) but I'm not interested in adding another cost to my living expences so I purchased the compost bucket purely for the bucket.

The grain when sprinkled over the scraps helps to break the food scraps down and it's recommended a generous covering is used. For people living in apartments, this system is excellent because you can keep it for quite some time before needing to empty the bucket. Also, I will breakdown virtually any food stuffs including meat and fish bones.

However, we just want to use it for non-meat products and we'll use the grain that came with the start up kit until it's finished then just let it go natural after that and take it to the compost heap when the bucket fills.

The compost bucket has a tap on the bottom which can be used to drain any excess fermentation liquid. This liquid when watered down can be used as an effective plant fertiliser.

Images are self explanatory the container on top of the compost bucket is for our chicken scraps - bread etc...

See the other tabs for cost and more details and they can also be purchased online at eBay. :)

Specifications (if any)

Cost - $59
Size - about 40 cm high and 30 cm wide
Bokashi - 1.5 kgs packet
Comes with - a small scoop and a plastic "pusher" to squash the scraps down.

If you want one but are having trouble finding a bucket they are always available on eBay here.


Nice big size
colour - not see through
airtight lid
price is ok

Cons (if any)

Ongoing cost of buying the Bokashi grain (if you use it as directed - unlike me who is only going to use it as a compost bucket without the grain).


Are you still using the Bokashi bucket? If so is it still working well without the grain? Do you use the worm pipes, you know, 8 or 10 holes in pipe, holes go in ground so worms can get in and out. I have seen them with tops on so you can put your scraps in them.

I use icecream containers but they get smelly and fill too quickly.

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