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    Fruit Showcase Star Fruit

    Had a look at the start fruit this morning, I have one branch with about 6 or 7 on them, very small still but the second harvest of the year, I'm amassed, took about 3 to 4 years to get to this stage, I thought I would never get any. Will make some pictures on the weekend. cheers tom
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    What type of Lemons

    Yes the taste is exquisite, and lots of juice for such a small lemon, 1/2 a lemon or lime for each Gin and Tonic just right. :cheers: tom
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    Sleepy by in the lemon tree

    It was cool, Ive never seen flies sleeping cheers tom
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    Louisiana Farm Life

    Hi John, Over the Years I have just put in trees, never had luck with vegetables, I have Mangoes, Bananas, Start Fruit, Ginger, Lily Pilly, Finger Limes, Native Cashews among about another 50 trees. Most of them still small, less than a meter or two, only just started, only just learned about...
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    Self Sufficient Me . com Writer/Contributor Trial Proposal

    Thanks Mark, Just starting the work and taking pictures and Videos, as soon as your up and running I'll start the post, appreciate the premium membership. cheers tom
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    Self Sufficient Me . com Writer/Contributor Trial Proposal

    Hi Lucas, Love your signature cheers tom
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    Hello from Melbourne!

    Welcome to the forum, I have two kids, one likes the garden the other dos'nt want to get his fingers dirty haha, Its great to see someone young getting into the garden. I'm interested to find out a bit more about your aquatic plants, I live up here in Darwin and would like to build a tadpole...
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    Hello from Los Angeles, CA

    Hi Everett, welcome to the forum. Its really cool that you grow on a roof top, please send some pictures. cheers tom
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    Hello From Dallas TX

    Welcome RevX, this site is great for getting answers, just have a look, or ask a question and you answer will appear :) I'm new myself but starting to find my way around and getting answers and new Ideas. Also check out Marks videos. cheers tom
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    Hello from North Fork, California

    Welcome Jennifer, it will be a great place to grow up, we move from inner Melbourne to the mountains around Melbourne (Dandenongs) where in inner Melbourne you measure a plot of land at 33 foot by 100 foot, to the Dandenongs where we had 3 acres. The kids had a great time, then to Darwin again 3...
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    Hi Florix, welcome to the forum, I too have problems with herbs, put in coriander and basil, coriander just died and they were seedling but the basil is now in seed, have to figure out what to do now. but again welcome cheers tom
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    Louisiana Farm Life

    Welcome from Darwin NT, lots of information exchange here. What type of plants do you grow. cheers tom
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    Self Sufficient Me . com Writer/Contributor Trial Proposal

    Hi Mark I like the idea of having a section for paid writers or others that want to add short and succinct articles which could contain links payed or otherwise. Generally however these articles are self contained and often do not require comments as such but more of a discussion (Similar to...
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    Fruit Showcase Star Fruit

    Finally a small harvest, 5 fruit and some more lemons, still don't know what type the lemons are but I think I might graft them
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    how much does Solar cost to get started?

    So about the same, where are you located JoshW, were in Darwin and have extra cyclone ratings to worry about so the cost is about 2k more than anywhere else in the country. cheers tom
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    how much does Solar cost to get started?

    Quote just came in, 8500 dollars for a 6.5 Kw solar array. Lucky I got that tax refund cheers tom
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    how much does Solar cost to get started?

    I'm getting a quote on the weekend. will pass it on when I get it. cheers tom
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    Making up for lost time (hello!)

    Welcome Jordan and Steph Been watching Marks videos since December, and only just decided to join the forum. Also looking to create a hugelkultur raised bed thanks to Mark. Just getting the time is a problem. Good luck with the boys letting you do some work :) Give em a something to dig with...
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    Hi from the Gold Coast :)

    Welcome cheers tom
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    Hello from Brisbane

    Welcome, just joined myself. Love those bananas mine done have anywhere near as many, how often do you feed them. cheers tom