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    Introduce Yourself

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    Hi from Virginia, US

    Thanks! (Frankly, so am I.) I'm chronicling it on a new blog, if you're interested. Got a few more posts to write to get to current events, but it helps me keep track.
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    Hi from Virginia, US

    Oh, I have a list! :) Cinnamon, clove, chocolate and vanilla. But also curry, black pepper, wasabi, saffron, ginger & turmeric. Might even try mastiha and mahlepi for some Greek food. Just a sampling, but really, the list grows or shrinks - mostly grows - as I research my favorite flavors and...
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    Hi from Virginia, US

    I'm tackling self-sufficiency in a new way. I can get local-grown vege, but I love ethnic dishes (Asian, Thai, etc) and can't locally source spices for those. So I'm going to grow my own. It's just a matter of figuring out how to keep the plants happy in my climate - indoors or out.