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  1. Chaplin

    Muscovys won’t return to coop

    I am familiar with Muscovys (so much personality, I had one named George). Not sure if this will work on them but I don't see why not. Here's how a farmer gets his ducks to come home (he doesn't get into full detail until the very end):
  2. Chaplin

    a philoloapical video i found

    There you go. You're preaching something that you have no idea how to accomplish. :facepalm:
  3. Chaplin

    a philoloapical video i found

    Um, how does one go about living shorter lives? Eat poorly / exercise less? Step in front of a bus at 50?
  4. Chaplin

    Another Texan Y'all

    I used to live in Spring, TX. Great design on the bed
  5. Chaplin

    How smart are Bees !!!!

    Nature's engineering never ceases to amaze
  6. Chaplin

    Hi from Dallas

    G'day! First true year of gardening. Made an 8x4 bed with PVC irrigation that also holds netting to prevent my soil loving cat from making it his litter box. Mainly growing peppers (cayenne, jalapeno, serrano), Texas Sweet Onions, Egyptian walking onions, turmeric, basil, cucumber, Brazilian...
  7. Chaplin

    Hey yall from Texas