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  1. Lucas

    Friend or Foe

    Hi All Just wondering if this is a friend or foe We have something similar around the area (St Andrews Victoria) that is invasive Any information would be appreciated Cheers Lucas
  2. Lucas

    Question Dam Water Filter

    I run from a dam around the house for the gardens cant get it clean enough for drippers but used this kind for a while Adjustable On Line Dripper
  3. Lucas

    Tip Mark's digging tool

    I thought it was an Ex Army multi purpose shovel tool
  4. Lucas

    Veg Showcase Tromboncino (italian Zucchini)

    Looks like a cross between a pumpkin and a zucchini
  5. Lucas

    When the wife wants Lawn......

    Leanne (my wife) wanted the area where Lilly (my daughter) had her swings to be made into a Lawn area..... Yes I did say LAWN So outcome the rotary hoe and break up the compacted soil, then spread the soil levelish with the landscapers rack (945mm) then got a couple of square metres of Sir...
  6. Lucas

    The Original Victory Garden

    Yes GKW i thought the same
  7. Lucas

    The Original Victory Garden

    I watched this on YouTube today and thought some others might enjoy it Amazing how reverent it is for today
  8. Lucas

    Creating Compost

    Great pile you have there that should attract a worm or a million Your soil will be great and each year you will be able to build more beds good growing Lucas
  9. Lucas

    G'day from Albury

    Bird netting is a great idea to help protect the garden cheers Lucas
  10. Lucas

    Any hints on growing Brussels Sprouts

    going in this weekend had a cabbage moth /caterpillar attack but not giving up yet have transplanted into bigger pots so just having a crack hoping to observe and learn more to improve my skills growing them Cheers Lucas
  11. Lucas

    Hello from melbourne

    Outer Melbourne here Nate Being plenty of rain so far this year Been a different season with things running late like tomatoes cheers Lucas
  12. Lucas

    Just a Caterpillar

    Well my occupation is building bulk fuel systems or service stations, and This little fella was moving across the tan bark that was put on the gardens Hope you like them Lucas
  13. Lucas

    Hello from Melbourne!

    Welcome Reason Why
  14. Lucas

    March 2020 Competition - General Knowledge

    I'd like to thank-you Mark I was already a winner before the competition by watching your YouTube channel and being part of Self Sufficient Culture Forum Thanks very much Lucas
  15. Lucas

    Self Sufficient Me . com Writer/Contributor Trial Proposal

    I wouldn't mind doing some articles or giving it a go anyway I'll have a think about a subject from my experiences that might help cheers
  16. Lucas

    Creating a Green/Glasshouse from Old Windows

    looking forward to more post bof progress and how it works cheers Lucas
  17. Lucas

    Question which method

    Karla, Fowler Vacola have an airlock for their jars
  18. Lucas

    Question How much to plant to become self sufficient?

    I 'm the same as Wedgetail and plant as much as i can but have learnt to grow only what we like to eat or its just a waste
  19. Lucas

    Backyard to food forest

    Yes i have poor soil as well I live in Nillumbik shire which was named in the 1830's the term nyilum bik meaning "Bad Earth" in the local Aboriginal language Woiwurrung. all i can say is mulch mulch mulch with anything and everything Cheers
  20. Lucas

    Its Garlic Planting Time

    so dont mince or freeze?