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  1. Snowemu

    Fruit Fly at it again!!!

    Thanks for that! Will give it a go this year and see if we have success!
  2. Snowemu

    Fruit Fly at it again!!!

    Would you do the same with Guava? New gardener here - we have a guava tree at our house which gets fruit fly every crop. Because of this we just don’t bother and have never had a successful crop. They seem to get in early before the fruit even forms.
  3. Snowemu

    Problem Stink bugs and lady beetles

    We’ve recently had an heap of stink bugs take up residence on our line and lemon trees. They don’t seem to be hurting the fruit but have been taking over the leaves. We’ve tried knocking them off with soapy water but they keep coming back. Sane deal with lady beetles with yellow spots. All over...
  4. Snowemu

    Young family gardening

    Great idea! Thanks! Yeah I do follow poppy on insta She loves playing in the grass at the moment
  5. Snowemu

    Young family gardening

    Thanks Mark, I will for sure. Keen to get some advice around keeping certain pests at bay, we have a stink bug problem on our citrus trees. I’ll have look through some of the forums
  6. Snowemu

    Hi from Maitland (Hunter Valley NSW)

    We’re getting drenched here in brissy too! What have you tried your hand at yet? The first video I watched of Mark’s was about sweet potatoes and we harvested our for batch a few weeks ago.
  7. Snowemu

    Why Introduce Yourself?

    Same here! Keen to go looking through the forums now.
  8. Snowemu

    Young family gardening

    Hello! Finally bit the bullet and joined up. I started watching Mark and his YouTube channel this time last year when I was pregnant with our daughter. We wanted to start gardening again to teach our daughter about the importance of being outside, as well as to share our love of being outdoors...