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  1. Frank

    Question Citrus & Onions in Compost?

    I also throw everything about everything in and every once in a while a put some worms on top, in case the the previous ones didn't like it there and moved on.
  2. Frank

    Need help identifying pupa.

    Pupae from a housefly?
  3. Frank

    Perenial capsicum

    Do you have a picture of that wasabi parseley? I got something also, that stings in the nose(like wasabi), if you eat it raw... but, it doesn't look like parsley. My wife says ours is called Sawi Pahit.
  4. Frank

    Question Markisa/Passion Fruit

    Thanks a lot. Yesterday, I took the 3 remaining fruits from the vine, 1 still green, I will see what happens with it, if I let it ripe. The most ripe fruit, I opened and it had a little more pulp. I think you are right, with my plant having less water. That, and it was in a polybag. Now, I got...
  5. Frank

    Question Markisa/Passion Fruit

    Last time, I left my fruit on the vine till it got purple and dropped of from itself. Because, that's how I read you should do it. But, when I opened my fruit, it was empty... only a few seeds. So, it was failure. Now, I got new fruit(still small) on another vine and a friend told me, I had to...
  6. Frank

    Dinner Guest

    So, I guess you don't eat the snake? Might not be allowed, I think. If one of those show up around here, the neighbour(Chinese/Indonesian) will take care of it... that's dinner.
  7. Frank

    Frank from Indonesia

    Hey PJ, How are you doing? Like your husband, I prefer Lychee to, but my father inlaw brought me a Lenkeng... it will do for the moment. Most of the fruit goes to the birds anyway. I just trimmed my tree down, waiting for it to recover and start fruiting again. You say you're Italian. You...
  8. Frank

    Papaya Leaf Problem

    As I told you very recently, I am not a pro... I had the same thing happening to my papaya... I've read somewhere that high humidity and low sunlight, could be the cause of the problem. In my case, that could very much the problem. Lots of rain and my plant is mostly in the shade.
  9. Frank

    Frank from Indonesia

    Hello PJ, nice to meet you... I love Singapore, we try to go there a few times a year! Much nicer than Batam(I call it a ****hole, but it's my ****hole) it's nothing like where you do your scuba-expeditions, I am sure about that. Bali, I guess, you spend your time in Indonesia? We don't have...
  10. Frank

    Frank from Indonesia

    Thank you... it looks like a nice place around here.
  11. Frank

    Question Goat manure mistake?

    Thank you very much... this gives me confidence. I thought I was busy ruining my plants.
  12. Frank

    Question Goat manure mistake?

    I recently started gardening again and I am a complete beginner... now, I wonder if I made a mistake? A few days ago, I bought some old goat manure and threw it directly on top of my raised beds. All you see is the goat manure on top, you don't see any sand/dirt. Do you think that will be ok or...
  13. Frank

    World Naked Gardening Day.

    I didn't know this existed... I am going to look it up and see if it's the same date every year... I'll post some pics next year
  14. Frank

    Hello from 'Den Haag', The Netherlands!

    That looks like a really cool place to hang around and get to know your neighbours. I wish we could do that around here... unfortunately, there is no place for it.
  15. Frank

    Frank from Indonesia

    Hi all... I am Frank, a Belgian living in Batam(Indonesia) since 2011. Enjoying a simple life and trying to get more selfsufficient... hence, that's why I am here. I am an absolute beginner when it comes to gardening. Started twice already in the last couple of years and failed... well let's...