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  1. OskarDoLittle

    Shallots, eschallots, scallions, spring onions?

    See what I mean!? So the middle pic to me is a spring onion or scallion assuming it’s truly a non-bulbing variety (or if an immature bulbing shallot variety, an eschallot). But I def recall onions that looked like the immature garlic on the right being marketed as “spring onions” in Sydney. I...
  2. OskarDoLittle

    Recommend Potato onions sown in March SA.

    Thanks Daz...I’ve seen potato onions advertised on some of the online nurseries and kept meaning to have a go. Looking at those results I’m more tempted! Brisbane is prob more humid than SA - so I might run into a problem with mould - but worth a go.
  3. OskarDoLittle

    Recommend Potato onions sown in March SA.

    Hey Tassie Daz, I don’t think I’ve grown potato onions and didn’t realise you just left them on the surface like you keep 30 or so onions from last season to replant or buy new ones? I do have some little clumping onions in - I lost the label so I can’t remember what variety they are...
  4. OskarDoLittle

    G'Day from the D'Bay!

    I’m pleased I’m not the only one who does this...even though I know nothing much has changed, I just have to go “inspect” things - maybe my seedlings magically grew & bore fruit overnight!!
  5. OskarDoLittle

    Shallots, eschallots, scallions, spring onions?

    I was just recently reminded of this weird nomenclature in Australia (actually I’d probably say it’s NSW where it’s weirdest) regarding what I would call a “shallot” versus a “spring onion” versus an “eschallot” . I was quite surprised when watching a Kylie Kwong rerun on SBS the other night...
  6. OskarDoLittle

    Question Bug ID

    Hey Tim, I’m assuming you’re referring to the tiny “dots” on the rib...rather than the bigger critters beside them? I’d say aphids too - so many varieties!! Have you got black ants herding them?
  7. OskarDoLittle

    My potted garden

    How’s the long awaited move to more land going Andrew?
  8. OskarDoLittle

    Charles Dowding: No dig gardening

    I do love Charles Dowding...and I think many of the no dig philosophies are transportable to Australia. But I agree Daniel.Mav - you’d have to adapt for plants that are seasonal here. Basically though I think the notion of planting direct into compost is quite universal...esp if making your own...
  9. OskarDoLittle

    My potted garden

    I love sauerkraut but haven’t ever bothered to make it (probably don’t eat enough of it to warrant using the space for cabbages) - does it taste more or less the same with Chinese cabbage? (I presume these are a bit quicker to grow)
  10. OskarDoLittle

    Greetings from South Africa

    Hi Terence...well done for having a go. We have a similar sized suburban block to you - and it is a little difficult to be completely self sufficient with food depending on the amount of sun you get on your block, and other conditions. (Plus my other half won’t let me take over the whole garden...
  11. OskarDoLittle

    Compost for “no dig” gardening

    Lately I’ve been binging on Charles Dowding videos about “No Dig” gardening...which I’m sure won’t be new to many people on the forum. It all seems very logical so I thought I’d try to stick with his principles a little more closely this year. I know we’ve had threads before about the pros &...
  12. OskarDoLittle

    Hi I'm from Colorado USA.

    Ditto...I used to dig in manure & compost, but this year I’m going to try “no dig”. I’ve already discovered that commercial “compost” can be problematic though (the “premium quality” we bought unfortunately crusts very badly, and the next grade down seems very despite loads of...
  13. OskarDoLittle

    Best Laid Out Orchard & Garden

    Wow, what a lovely story! I guess having sold up in Sydney he prob had a few $$ to invest...mind you Byron isn’t cheap. I also wonder how ftDNA you have to replace the netting?
  14. OskarDoLittle

    Question Seed raising and greenhouses

    Got any pics Dan of what type of greenhouse you have? (Some are like shelf with a front and others are “walk in”... I have a “glass house” for seedlings (but the walls and roof are clear blown plastic). This gets WAAAAAY too hot in summer without shade so I have shade cloth inside the roof and...
  15. OskarDoLittle

    My turn to be in hospital!

    I certainly feel your frustration!! Your GP should be able to access ambulance car transfers for you - we used to do that quite a bit. It’s quite annoying that it gets left to the GP as they’re not part of Qld Health or the hospital system & don’t get paid for their time in arranging these...
  16. OskarDoLittle

    G'Day from Newcastle

    What a great organic-friendly idea Andrew...I hate the idea of the cabbage dust so I’ve stopped trying with brassicas. I don’t have space for a pond but might try again with a cover seeing as they don’t need fertilising...
  17. OskarDoLittle

    Hello from Ohio, USA!

    When I was a kid (grew up in Tassie) I remember my folks picking field mushrooms (but the climate is probably more suited down there then here in Qld) - I’d kinda forgotten you could grow them in fields rather than bags. I’ve been a dismal failure with mushrooms - I’ve tried boxes, logs and...
  18. OskarDoLittle

    My turn to be in hospital!

    Clissat check with your hospital about transport for appointments. Qld Health has transport facilities for patients who’ve been advised they can’t drive but are still expected to attend outpatient appointments and reviews. It’s just that hospital staff often don’t think to mention it. It’s a...
  19. OskarDoLittle

    Hello again!

    Oh congratulations Mataeka - on both your new son & your new home! (Living the dream) Please post some pics of your new “farm” when you have a spare moment (which is probably not often!)
  20. OskarDoLittle

    Beginning self sufficient behaivior

    You have a chinese cabbage taking up a 1000x1200 bed??? Eeeek it’s a monster!?! (Hope you like cabbage!) If WA is like Qld then brassica’s will be a nightmare for cabbage moth - I’ve given up on them as I never get to harvest any of them before the critters do. I think you should be able to do...