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  1. Letsgokate

    Aquaponics in se Queensland

    Aqua gardening is also great for Aqua supplies.
  2. Letsgokate

    Setting up the Tower Garden

    Look forward to see it loaded up and growing healthy plants. I’ve just started using a few Mr Stacky towers, very similar. Certainly greens and strawberries go awesome in them.
  3. Letsgokate

    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Hi @Mark just watched your latest YouTube, you are both doing really good and those veggie patties looked very yummy. Re your chickens laying. Might not help this time round but maybe for the future. I’ve had my 3 on MotherHen chook food. Very high protein. Decided to go for a higher quality...
  4. Letsgokate

    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Good on you Mark I was going to suggest the native Bee honey but already covered. Certainly set yourself a challenge. Just don’t get yourself sick. With covic now is not the time to have your immune system run down. Get lots of juices, and smoothies into you. If you have your own nuts growing...
  5. Letsgokate

    Red blueberry leaves

    Yep I was going to say more water too. I have lots of blueberry plants and it is usually cause it’s hot and they need more water.
  6. Letsgokate

    Sweet Potatoes

    I’m in SEQ and I thought sweet spuds prefer a warmer climate, so down there maybe too cold. As clissat said prune the leaved back to not only control as they can soon turn into Trifids. Also I have read that pruning the leaves makes the plant put more growth into the actual sweet spuds. Oh and...
  7. Letsgokate

    Native Bees

    Really lovely to watch native bees
  8. Letsgokate

    People want fresh veges... Who knew.

    Awesome well done
  9. Letsgokate

    Question Realities of Compositing

    Never had a huge amount of success with composting. These days I just put everything in a pile or old garden bed and just leave it alone. Long time later it seems to work.
  10. Letsgokate

    My Raised Garden Bed

    Well done looks great
  11. Letsgokate

    Fish Heads has entered the garden

    with your title I thought you had put fish heads actually in the garden. Welcome to the forum your gardens look awesome.
  12. Letsgokate


    I’m in the same area and pests have been particularly bad this year. I found anything uncovered was just being devoured by bugs. Mine are now covered up. I don’t think anything beats checking them and squishing any bugs several times a day. I know a lot of people use neem oil
  13. Letsgokate

    Growing Potatoes - SE QLD

    I’m also in SEQ and have grown potatoes several times. I’ve grown Otway Red and Sebago both with equal success and have not heard that red one don’t go well here. I’ve tired growing them in big pot bags with little success but I think part of that was me learning how to grow them best not so...
  14. Letsgokate

    Self Sufficient Me 2.........

    Mmmm don’t really see the point for a second channel, might get a bit confusing. I guess Mark has his reasons. He seems to be totally wrapped up in YouTube these days.
  15. Letsgokate

    Citrus fruit pests

    Thanks Clissat I appreciate your reply. I know that they say pests won’t bother a healthy tree as much. I do spray with different trace minerals every now and then and if I notice anything. Trouble is learning what deficiencies is what can be hard to work out. I know before summer I was being...
  16. Letsgokate

    Citrus fruit pests

    I know this has been covered before but this is a last ditch attempt for a solution before I remove citrus trees. I have been growing citrus for several years and over that time I have a continual problem with aphids, mealy bugs and citrus leaf miner. As well as other pests I haven’t identified...
  17. Letsgokate

    Dutch Buckets - Hydroponics

    Very yummy. Good taste and flavour. Change in flavour also comes into what variety grown as well. In soil I grew Apollo tomatoes and they tasted great as well. In the Dutch Buckets I grew grosse lisse and you can see the results. New lot started now. Much tastier than shop bought ones. I’ve...
  18. Letsgokate

    Chickens with parasites

    As a follow up Mark wrote an article about it here
  19. Letsgokate

    Mark wrote an article about it here...

    Mark wrote an article about it here