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  1. Mark Seaton

    Luffa sponge growing and going to seed

    Replying to my own post... :rolleyes: But just had to say, I ordered some seed :cool:
  2. Mark Seaton

    Question Newly transplanted tomatos not healthy!

    Not too sure, someone smarter may be able to help more, but could be a couple of things. If you were growing them inside and then transplanted them straight outside, it could be they were not hardened off in the sun and are just in shock. Give them a dose of seaweed solution or similar it is...
  3. Mark Seaton

    I have her hooked!

    I started my journey into raised bed gardens a little over a year ago when I had a small procedure in hospital and got hooked on Mark's you tube channel. I decided to order a heap of seeds and built the first of what is now 5 raised beds, and as I was not fit to do a lot of heavy lifting etc...
  4. Mark Seaton

    Luffa sponge growing and going to seed

    Yep, I watched the video already and thought it interesting, I may look into growing some for fun. ;)
  5. Mark Seaton

    Problem Trashed Garden.

    There you go... And you have plenty of material to start your huger culture raised vege beds ;) I do feel for you though, as many others here, I too have been a victim of uncaring tenants... twice! This last time there was, aside from the house trashed, all gardens dead and over 15 cubic...
  6. Mark Seaton

    Seed sites?

    I am not sure about the usa but in Aus we have restrictions on seeds being sent to and from certain states. I had to try 3 different suppliers to get what I wanted.
  7. Mark Seaton

    Mulching in Winter

    As Vicky said more info would help. If you fertilised just before mulch, there is a chance you have burnt the roots of the plants if you were too heavy handed. Also the mulch in general shouldn't be right up against the trunk of the plants. And the type of mulch matters as some mulch's can...
  8. Mark Seaton

    Gday from Perth

    Hi Aimee. Totally agree, I got my girls into gardening when they were toddlers. It didn't stick too well, but now they have left home, they both enjoy looking after a few plants. My eldest has some strawberries that she tends to and my youngest wants a raised vege garden as she loves her cooking...
  9. Mark Seaton

    Howdy from Eaton West Aus

    Hi Daniel. Not sure if you edited your post, but Eaton West Aus gives it away for me ;) I am just up the hill in Collie. Welcome, there is a lot of helpful ideas here and lots of helpful people.
  10. Mark Seaton

    Problem Tomato wilt

    I got a trailer load of soil from a mates place last year and as I was shovelling it out of the trailer I found about a dozen of these grubs. I didn't want them in my raised beds so i decided to take them out the front to give them to the family of magpies that live out the front, but they just...
  11. Mark Seaton

    How to grow and make rosella jam

    It doesn't get full sun, as it is near the fence so gets pretty much mid morning on, but I did that as I read that they wanted warmth, so I was hoping the heat transfer off the fence would help. I will prune it back and see how it goes. It is pretty frustrating as it was full of flower buds and...
  12. Mark Seaton

    How to grow and make rosella jam

    I watched your video on Rosella and got all inspired and bought some seeds, being in a colder area, I raised the seedlings early in a greenhouse and ended planting 2 plants that grew beautifully, however they are so slow, that by the time they started to "fruit" the cold had set in. I got some...
  13. Mark Seaton

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    Nice idea, but while you have the time, start looking for a more permanent solution to the noodles as experience tells me, you will need to replace them every year as the sun destroys them.
  14. Mark Seaton

    a philoloapical video i found

    Not sure about that, except the Darwin theory comes to mind.
  15. Mark Seaton

    Problem Tomato wilt

    You say, "during the day" Do they come good at night, and are they OK in the morning? If so, it could just be a little bit of heat stress or similar. When do you water them? I suggest to water in the morning, before the heat and try not to get water on the leaves as if it gets hot, the water...
  16. Mark Seaton

    Breaking bad with Chillies

    I planted some Jalapenos, cayenne and red hot embers last spring. I have 1 of each in a raised garden bed and 1 of each in a large planter that I sat next to a colourbond fence as I read that they like heat. So far, I have picked them green, red and some of the jalapenos turning almost black. I...
  17. Mark Seaton

    Question Citrus & Onions in Compost?

    I am by no means an expert but when it comes to composting, it all breaks down eventually. I thought it was more worm farms that you didn't want those things in, But I too put all that stuff into my compost, the only things that are definite no no's are diseased or insect infested waste.
  18. Mark Seaton

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    I was in the same boat when I started to fill me 3rd bed. I had cut down every tree to within an inch of it's life, then by pure chance I had to do a job for someone that was cutting down a tree. He was dragging all of it out the front ready to dispose of, so I asked if I could take some...
  19. Mark Seaton

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    coming along nicely. Just a tip on the filling of them, Not sure if you have any trees or shrubs on your property, But if you do, hack into them for filling the bottom in future. I built 5 beds in short succession and every tree and shrub in my yard got a haircut ;) Also, on the stair paint...
  20. Mark Seaton

    Sweet Potatoes

    Nice haul there! I am leaving my sweet potato in a while longer, Maybe till the first frost as I think I planted it too late. You never know... I actually was tasked with making the Sunday roast a while back so I bought a red and a pink sweet potato for the roast and only used half of each and...