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  1. Karla

    Making Cheese

    I have never tried to smoke my cheese. Really, don’t know how. Weaning babies pretty soon so cheese making will start again.
  2. Karla

    Guinea Fowl are great but I wouldn't get any

    Love our guineas. Great alarms when something or someone comes up especially at night that doesn’t belong. I have seen them eating small snakes and they really have helped with the tick problem and getting worms off garden plants. Not really a meat bird but great guardians.
  3. Karla

    Fish Heads has entered the garden

    Beautiful garden you have going. I haven’t got to the fish heads yet but sure look at my garbage different now. I now know what to do with my extra chicken eggs. Great ideas are abundant here. Enjoyed your pictures.
  4. Spring Lettuce, Cabbages And Things

    Spring Lettuce, Cabbages And Things

    First year with raised beds, thanks to Mark. Best spring crops ever. Seeds are heirloom from Bakers aka rare Couldn’t be happier.
  5. Karla

    Veg Showcase Spring Lettuce, Cabbages And Things

    Karla submitted a new Showcase Item: Spring Lettuce, Cabbages And Things Read more about this showcase item here...
  6. Karla

    Making Cheese

    I have right over!! I have Nubian goats and love making cheese, butter, Keifer and of course ice cream.
  7. Karla

    my new baby

    Thanks, I do enjoy it. Been all the way to Bamiff Canada and back to Oklahoma. Had a blast!!
  8. Karla

    my new baby

    Enjoy and be careful. It is such a feeling when riding with the wind blowing. I have a Suzuki Volusha 800. Big enough for me. You should see the looks I get when at 70 and being female I remove my helmet and all the white hairs show.
  9. Karla

    Baby goats

    They are so much fun. I really enjoy them plus I have fresh milk and all that can be made from it. If you have the space so worth having.
  10. Karla

    When is the best time to start seed?

    I have a book that is great.It is: The Kitchen Gardner by Alan Buckingham. It literally takes you month by month and tells you what to plant, what to start inside, when to harvest...
  11. Karla

    When is the best time to start seed?

    I have been blessed this year. I have added two sugar maples, 2 cherries and 2 Hazel nut trees to my list of fruit trees. From the seeds started in my house I have cabbage, spinach, peas, carrots, bell peppers, 4 variety of tomato’s, lettuces and herbs. Will be setting Huckleberries, ground...
  12. Karla

    Baby goats

    April Fool babies. They were early and both boys. Was hoping for one girl. Both healthy and doing great.
  13. Karla

    Question which method

    You can always use purchased produce or even fruits. I do use organic but if not available wash them with some baking soda and go for it. Youtube has some great videos on it. I have used the lose lid, flat seals with air release and the pipette types. Like them all but the lose lid. I make...
  14. Karla

    Question which method

    One way to find out. Try it and let us know. I would think you would have to use a large balloon.
  15. Karla

    Good morning Vincent. Hope all is well with you and your family. This is a great site with so...

    Good morning Vincent. Hope all is well with you and your family. This is a great site with so much to learn in so many areas. I’m not always up at this hour. I just get up when I wake up.
  16. Karla

    Survived winter

    This spring is the start of my second year so felt great they all made it. I know I have a couple I will have to watch to keep from swarming.
  17. Karla

    Survived winter

    All 5 hives survived the winter even the weak one. To windy to work them today so will tomorrow. We are supposed to be 92 degrees tomorrow. Absolutely unheard of. Can’t wait to move a hive of swarm into my new Langstroth long hive.
  18. Karla

    Sweet potato

    That should feed the neighborhood!!
  19. Karla

    Gardeners are blessed

    That’s where I was today as well. It brings peace and normalcy back into life. Who else other than a fisherman can get excited finding worms in their raised beds.
  20. Karla

    Seeking advice

    I have a book called: Can It & Ferment It by Stephanie Thurow. Wonderfully easy and tasty recipes and it does have watermelon in it.