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    Backyard to food forest

    Ripper progress on the greenhouse Andrew, I'm sure you will be reaping the benefits from that for years to come
  2. J

    Hello from the Willamette Valley, Oregon

    Awesome, I hope to do some in pots if I can get structure high enough to make it viable - what varieties have you got growing?
  3. J

    Question Asking for your 2 cents worth-potatoes in containers

    Thanks for the links Clissa - will be trying potato in buckets when the season rolls around
  4. J

    Thinning out the baby carrots lol

    Wow Robbie, was not expecting those monsters by the thread title - jealous!
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    Sold the Bike and bought a new toy

    Nice whip Ray! I've never really seen many darker coloured ones out there - looks great. GKW - can't be too hard to get across the border, my brother has a shop on the NSW side and has customers coming across still.
  6. J

    Hello from the Willamette Valley, Oregon

    Welcome Chad, any plans to grow some hops? Some fantastic hops come out of your region - I'm jealous! I like your orchard set up - I look forward to the day I sign the dotted line on a bit of land for my family.
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    Our fam watched the trailer on my lunch break today (working from home). Looking forward to your wrap up video, but feel free to upload like a weekly how it's going, even if it's on SSM2. I've been drinking long blacks now for 8 months, ex-army workmate of mine got me on them. Turns out was...
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    The Boy and his Girls

    Been very happy with the 2 Sussex I bought 3 years ago. Great egg production since they began laying. Will be getting a few more once the prices settle a bit.
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    Forum upgrade

    Looks great and easy to navigate from mobile - great effort Mark
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    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    Yeah the netting will let go eventually as well. I've had the same on my chooks pen for 3 years and it tears so easily now. I have 2 ideas in mind - depending on whether or not I put in more beds. If I don't, I'll build a frame that will be hinged with poly risers. If I do, it'll be a larger...
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    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    I've got spinach, lettuce, beetroot and snow peas starting to sprout so it was time to stake the bird netting up (just had it laid over the beds). Saw an ingenious idea on Facebook and shamelessly pinched the idea for myself. $6 of noodles and $11 of stakes per bed.
  12. J

    What vegetables do well in shade?

    Epic gardening on YouTube has a video - - I started watching this guy after I saw a collaborative video with Mark. I'm growing lettuce and spinach in my partially shaded bed.
  13. J

    Its Garlic Planting Time Very informative, thanks Clissa
  14. J

    Backyard to food forest

    Title update is very fitting Andrew. Best waiting for the chooks anyway due to the absurd pricing here lately - $10 for a Hyline chick! I paid $17 for my 16-week old Australorp X RIR and $25 for POL light Sussex. I really look forward to your spring video walkthrough
  15. J

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    Only tree I have is a palm tree that got a severe haircut when we got solar panels, poor thing is still recovering. Thanks for the tips on the concrete, acrylic will be the way to go I reckon. I won't paint until spring rolls around so it can not get rained on.
  16. J

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    The previous owner started using green tin and there are sheets that were left in the shed to finish it. It won't look great and I'll likely paint it but it will keep the neighbours minding their own business. Currently I make a noise in my yard and they're out the back looking through the gap...
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    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    Finished filling the beds today. Planted Spinach and lettuce (2 types) in the bed closest to the shed. Carrots, Beetroot and snow peas in the other. The trellis for the snow peas is just 3 tomato tower things I got on clearance from Bunnings @ $0.51 each joined in a rectangle. Please excuse...
  18. J

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    Cheers Andrew. Will be planting some more lettuce and spinach as well as some snow peas. One is the perfect semi shaded for lettuce so will likely become it's primary crop. I'll see what other seeds I have to companion plant the snow peas bed. All ready for tomorrow
  19. J

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    Beds have been dug in and levelled. 2m³ of the bush mulch shovelled in. Off to pick up some soil for the top. I'm pretty happy with the outcome thus far. No signs of bowing as yet - fingers crossed it stays that way.
  20. J

    My raised bed adventure - Hugelkultur inspired

    Stairs are poured, got some inspiration to make it look like wood while I was putting in the pattern with a broom - now I just need to find masonry paint in a wood colour that isn't $90. I placed the beds into position to mark where the holes needed to be dug for the posts. Also picked up 2m³ of...