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  1. AZ Orchard

    Seed sites?

    "Beware"? LOL We are in a global crisis and many companies are out of stock. Many nurseries are out of stock. MI Gardener is still operating and trying to serve those of us that are lucky enough to be Alive and shopping ...
  2. AZ Orchard

    G’day from Adelaide

  3. AZ Orchard

    Hello From North Carolina, USA

  4. AZ Orchard

    Travis from Texas

  5. AZ Orchard

    Hello from Bundy

  6. AZ Orchard

    Hello, Attempting Desert gardening

    Don't give up on raised beds as a way to grow in Arizona. I have had a very good experience growing in them. I have them placed on the east, and south ( middle of the yard ) side. I have a corrugated metal bed [ as close as I could come to Marks :) ], wooden bed and a cinder block bed. It all...
  7. AZ Orchard

    New pest on my bean plant

    Google "bean leafroller", I think the larva looks a lot like that guy.
  8. AZ Orchard

    Fish Heads has entered the garden

    Wow - beautiful plants and flowers in a nice, neat garden. Mine is not so tidy. Welcome:)
  9. AZ Orchard

    Hello from Busselton, WA

  10. AZ Orchard

    Hi, I'm Hank (not my real name)

    Welcome - those beds are looking pretty good. Nice job!:)
  11. AZ Orchard

    Hello From Southern Oregon, USA

  12. AZ Orchard

    Hello from north coast NSW

    Yikes! Welcome and I am glad that you and the chickens are okay:)
  13. AZ Orchard

    Howdy from Galveston, Texas

  14. AZ Orchard

    Another Texan Y'all

    Welcome:) Very nice raised bed, I like the style.
  15. AZ Orchard

    Newbe Frank Kuttabul Queensland

  16. AZ Orchard

    Hi from Dallas

    Welcome:) I agree with GKW, keep going and it will pay off nicely in time.
  17. AZ Orchard

    Hello, Hi or Guten Tag from a German in Gracemere, QLD

    Welcome - I only got as far as Diablo 2:) I hope everything flourishes in your new environment.
  18. AZ Orchard

    Hello from West Gippsland

    Welcome:) Nice coop and happy chickens you have there!