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  1. GKW

    Sick peas - maybe whole bed is in need of help

    I've encountered the same issue. Snow peas planted in established raised beds (some direct winter sun, but more dabbled winter sun during daytime) which were re-furbed post summer crops with home made compost, some store bought moo poo and blood & bone grew really well. Those I potted (with...
  2. GKW

    Hello from Upstate NY

    G'Day and welcome. Post some pics when you have time.... Best of luck with your journey and look forward to updates.
  3. GKW

    Hello from Freiburg

    G'Day and welcome. Love the pics, love the passion and love the use of space. Nice one.:twothumbsup:
  4. GKW

    Krystie from Red Earth Farm North Toowoomba

    G'Day and welcome. Nothing good comes without the hard yakka first. Congrats on the outcome.....looks great.
  5. GKW

    G'day, it's Jimmy from Melbourne

    G'Day and welcome.
  6. GKW

    Forum upgrade

    I like new fresh look...a little getting used to but all good. Thumbs up. I notice you've got some help onboard @Mark with an "Administrator" now present on the forum too.
  7. GKW

    Howdy from Eaton West Aus

    G'Day and welcome mate.
  8. GKW

    Southern California

    G'Day and welcome.
  9. GKW

    Aloha from Hawaii.

    G'Day and welcome John. Warm days all year round in your part of the world...half ya luck. Post some pics of the patch when you have time. Enjoy the forum. Cheers
  10. GKW

    G’day from Logan Village

    G'Day and welcome.
  11. GKW


    G'Day and welcome to the forum. Great info, great forum members here. Enjoy.
  12. GKW

    And up pops the odd kiwi

    G'Day and welcome. South Island NZ...what a place. It's got basically got every time of geography crammed into one place. Gotta love it. Bluff oyster season too right now... Great patch you got there. Best wishes
  13. GKW

    New from Central FL Zone 9b

    G'Day and welcome.
  14. GKW

    Hi from the Adelaide Hills

    G'Day and welcome. Post up some pic of the veg patch when you have time. Best wishes
  15. GKW

    Hi from Sunshine Coast, Australia.

    G'Day and welcome. Was in the same boat last year " supermarket shopping wilderness" (good term that). Made the change to be a little more self sufficient and love it. Not totally extracted from the corporate food chain and maybe never will be but growing more than we buy now is not a bad...
  16. GKW

    My temp winter veg patch.....

    So with a north facing backyard (in Sydney) but plenty of tall trees to my north fence line, many of my raised beds get limited / dappled sunlight right now, thus I cleaned up a disused part of the yard which gets a decent (6+ hours a day) amount of winter sunlight and started potting. Put in a...
  17. GKW

    Sold the Bike and bought a new toy

    Got to love Govt. Can leave and re-enter QLD to spend cash in another state but someone from NSW (ie me) can't holiday in QLD and spend my cash there. Not having a dig at you Ray...half ya luck mate for being able to pick up such a ride....just PO'ed with stupid govt policy which seems to have...
  18. GKW


    G'Day and welcome Mark. Gotta agree, the forum, it's members and info contained within are pretty damn good. Dive on in and enjoy.
  19. GKW

    Hello from Sydney, Australia

    G'Day and welcome Daniel. Agree re Gardenate.....good additional resource to review and use along with this forum. Be warned....turn your back on that raised bed and before you know it, they will have multiplied and covered the backyard :D...which is not a bad thing and was my experience in...
  20. GKW

    Gentlemen, behold..

    I like ! G'Day and welcome mate.