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  1. Comfort

    Afternoon Winter Harvest

    Quick harvest today and netted my blueberries as the first starts to ripens so I am the one to eat my crop and not the birds... IMG_20170710_171658_edited by Comfort posted Jul 10, 2017 at 10:34 PM Photostudio_1499689856928 by Comfort posted Jul 10, 2017 at 10:34 PM
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    Mark, are you able to enable tapatalk integration?
  3. Comfort

    Question Do you plant seeds or seedlings?

    Share your gardening style... do you prefer to start with seeds or seedlings.
  4. Comfort

    How To Breed/Grow/Raise Red Compost Worms Super Fast

    When I was building my first compost worm bins I found a unique method online for breeding them faster than normally. The method not without its controversy is and some claim that it just does not work although I have found that most doubters when questions have not actually tried it, they just...
  5. Comfort

    Another Gold Coaster

    I am on the Gold Coast on just under an acre. I started witha couple of I ground beds but our clay soil made it difficult so I upgraded to two simple timber raised garden beds which I have run for a few years now plus a large stacked herb beds Early in 2016 I created 4 x IBC wicking beds and...
  6. Comfort

    Help with bullnose corrugated iron raised bed

    Hi... just purchased a range of colorbond sheets and there are a number of bullnose pieces... Each of these is just about 90 degrees so using four of them makes a nice rectangular shape with rounded corners. The problem is when you flip the pieces over the ridges do not match so I can't just...