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  1. Wayland.

    Modern Bee Keeping.

    It is getting near the end of the season here in Ireland, just the Ivy to crop then we will be shutting down for the winter. I need to add another super just incase the Ivy crops well so I need to get some more frames etc. I see that the new "Top Bar" hives are getting popular and was wondering...
  2. Wayland.

    Quail advise needed.

    We have trouble at mill. We have been running a young rooster with six hens. All seemed well until yesterday. I found one of my hens with severe head injuries. She may not survive if, she does she has lost an eye at least. I am new to keeping Quail and would appreciate some advice. Should I not...
  3. Wayland.

    Cider anyone?

    As autumn approaches here in the northern hemisphere our thoughts turn to the apple harvest and CIDER! We have been making "Rough" since I was a lad and it is always a time to look forward to. Despite the drought (yes thats right, a drought in Ireland) The trees have held up well by and large...
  4. Wayland.

    Carrot Root Fly.

    Living in temperate regions (they may affect others) these are real pests and can devastate a crop in not only Carrots but Parsnips also. The seed producers are working on resistant varieties for many of our crops but I have found the cost of seed going through the roof, and there is less in the...
  5. Wayland.

    No dig policy.

    This is becoming very popular in the UK with both farmers and veg growers. I have set up a number of trial beds this year and first impressions are amazing. Less work and higher yields are said to be the big advantages, time will tell. Is this method practiced much in Australia?
  6. Wayland.

    Hi from Co Wexford Ireland.

    Hi lads. We run a smallholding in the south of Ireland. I only came across this site recently while checking out You Tube for Quail rearing. A very interesting site and full of all kinds of info. Cheers Wayland.