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  1. Skippyherron

    Greeting from SE qld

    Hey Leticia! Welcome! Enjoy your jungle of growth in the garden, it sounds fabulous xx kel
  2. Skippyherron

    The struggle is real!

    Thanks for the tip Dione on the type of Pumpkins. I've just planted an Achocha vine and i'm hoping i dont' have any pests - but maybe I will because you've had those critters. Thanks for the tip on what you grow in our Sub Tropical area.
  3. Skippyherron

    hi I'm Robyn

    Hi Robyn! Welcome to the group! Your setup sounds great! lovely to have you join us! xx kel
  4. Skippyherron

    Lost two chooks

    How sad Steve! I don't have any solutions but ClissAT has written an awesome response already!
  5. Skippyherron

    Keyhole gardens

    They look great! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Skippyherron

    how is everyone with this rain

    Oh i've loved the rain! The cooler weather and the gorgeous sound of rain on the tin roof! The garden is growing great and I've not had to water - yay! Win win all round over here. The back paddock is very very sludgy but i'll just admire from a distance as i don't have to go down there for...
  7. Skippyherron

    The struggle is real!

    What a battleground you have at your place with all the critters! I hope you can win the war soon.
  8. Skippyherron

    Old Fashioned Cookware & Household goods site

    hey it worked!!!! Happy browsing! I think Odgers & McClelland, Nundle is cheaper from memory, but it's still fun to browse.
  9. Skippyherron

    Old Fashioned Cookware & Household goods site

    Sure! I tried to put it in full but the forum stopped me. Lets try again..... Its all the usual W's then dot then blackhen (one word) then dot then the word com
  10. Skippyherron

    Old Fashioned Cookware & Household goods site

    Oh this is an awesome site to shop! I've brought some very yummy tea there! Here's one i love looking at /dreaming in as well - - - > the black hen
  11. Skippyherron

    New emmeber from Sunshine Coast

    Welcome Steve!
  12. Skippyherron

    My 'New' Property Maintenance Shed

    Looks great - fabulous job!
  13. Skippyherron

    Hello from central florida

    Welcome Patrick! Hope your quail flock are healthy and productive!
  14. Skippyherron

    New guy again!

    What a great tip Mark, chicks raising temp of the incubator. I hope you get a good thermometer to calibrate temp soon Greg!
  15. Skippyherron

    Hello from very wet Tampa

    Hi Greg! Welcome to the forum! I hope your ducks live!
  16. Skippyherron

    Rolling sheep

    I'm fascinated! Sounds like a fabulous breed!
  17. Skippyherron

    Hi from Brisbane

    Welcome Mataeka! It's awesome you are planning already how you will live in the future after you move. All the best and welcome! Oh and you should have great solar dehydration potential as well if you didn't want to run a powered dehydrator.
  18. Skippyherron

    muckin around pix

    oh wow! Water looks so dreamy!
  19. Skippyherron

    muckin around pix

    Wow Stevo! These photos are magnificent! It sure was a gorgeous sunny weekend for the Air show. We didn't go along but watched and heard the planes zooming around!