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    Growing Mushrooms

    Good article, maybe when I fully retire I’ll give the mushrooms a go. Unfortunately, I’m the only one that eats shrooms in the house.
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    Upcycled Esky Wormfarm

    Good job, I haven’t had a worm farm for a while but, this has inspired me to give it a go again when I return home from work in a couple of weeks.
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    Thanks GKW and hi to you too.
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    Fingerlime Extravaganza

    Mary, I got mine from Bunnings.
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    G'Day from Narangba :)

    Hi Samantha. I’m a newbie too.
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    Fingerlime Extravaganza

    I’ve only got one finger lime. Small at the moment, but produced one lime this season. Hopefully I’ll get more next year, yummy in a G&T.
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    Thanks for the welcome Mark. We live on an acre, and I have only expanded the gardens last year, adding the beginning of an orchard and a small flock of chooks. (The boys have grown and don’t drive/ride around the back anymore). I’ve followed your you tube posts for some time and find them...
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    Hi Mary, When I made my wicking beds I used 90mm pvc pipe for the filler, then I use a cap to stop mozzies and more importantly, cane toads from getting in. I’ll post a photo once I figure out how.
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    Hi from beautiful Bundaberg, home of turtles, sand, surf, sugar cane and Rum. I’m semi retired, and do Fly in, fly out work to Western Australia Pilbara region. I gave difficulties with my gardening as my wife doesn’t like assisting in the garden while I’m away for two weeks at work. I’ve tried...