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    my new baby

    This may offend some but I like any bike that is not a hardlyableson. Suzuki does make a fine product I hope you get many miles of enjoyment out of it.
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    When the wife wants Lawn......

    Nothing wrong with some green lawn.
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    Weeping Willow needs some oomph

    I would hit it hard with some fertilizer and see what happens. Don’t be afraid to give the trunk some extra support I have seen where a young fruit tree takes off for the first strong season it will bear more than it can support. You either have to remove fruit or support the tree.
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    DIY wood raised beds

    Non treated spf lumber. It is either spruce pine or fur they are all sold as the same here. I would have loved to use rough cut hard wood but I do not have a affordable source for it
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    New here from Pennsylvania

    Thanks mark your videos have been a huge help and very motivational.
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    Hello from Canberra

    Welcome. Now that you have the time you will be successful. Don’t worry about not having acreage to use what you have can produce more than you think.
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    DIY wood raised beds

    My wife and I built some raised beds and I figured I would share the process as well as I can with the limited pictures I took. I will start off by saying I am sorry for not taking more pictures during assembly to help explain the process. Here in the states lumber is sold in 8,10,12,and 14...
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    Creating Compost

    That is one nice pile of compost!!!!!!!
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    US state Vermont bans veg seed this true???

    That is country wide but only at Walmart all other stores that are open and normally sell seeds are selling them. I will not get in to my opinion on Walmart other than the fact that I deeply dislike them.
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    What has changed in your life in the last few weeks?

    Other than being laid off temporarily life has not changed for me all that much. To be honest I am enjoying the extra time around the house to get things done. Unfortunately the last couple days the weather has been terrible and really killing my progress.
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    Dutch Buckets - Hydroponics

    How do the hydro veggies taste compared to ones grown in soil. I find hydroponic gardening interesting but never studied it.
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    A lot of questions about mulch

    I would be careful with the bamboo because it is so invasive. It would be terrible to see you use it as mulch and end up with it growing in the garden.
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    Creating a Green/Glasshouse from Old Windows

    Interested to see how it turns out. That is a nice haul of free glass excellent score.
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    New here from Pennsylvania

    This weather last week people were cutting grass now it has snowed two days in a row.
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    alternative to steel lids for preserving

    I have re used ball canning lids with success matter of fact I have only had one lid fail to seal and it was brand new. But the truth of the matter is that re used lids should only be used for immediate consumption items as you don’t want to have a re used lid fail on you 11 months aft you put...
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    Just a couple generations back preparedness was not considered to be anything but normal to the point that the term prepper was not even a thing. We in recent years have gotten so spoiled with the just in time delivery system that we have gotten dependent upon it. Unfortunately it is too easy to...
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    Any hints on growing Brussels Sprouts

    Any updates on how the sprouts are doing
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    New here from Pennsylvania

    Here is the current status of the beds there will be one 2x4 added to the top to cover the plastic once the beds are filled. I honestly thought that these would have been done by now but everything is taking longer than expected. The beds are 3 feet wide by 6 feet long by 3 feet deep. I chose...
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    New here from Pennsylvania

    Thanks. I should have some real updates here in a couple days I have lots of work to do!!!! The last bed needs to be finished then I can put them all in their place and level them out. The plan is to fill them with as much organic material as we can. There is a ton of fallen trees and branches...
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    Heyo from Louisiana

    Nice looking raised bed!