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    Growing edible things in the aquarium?

    What you are thinking of would be kind of a modified Aquaponics? Or are you thinking of underwater plants that are edible? I know some freshwater grasses and plants are edible. But I dont know which or if they would really taste good.
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    Moisture retention

    I am stuck with full sun pretty much 12 hours a day in my situation. So last year we put up a 30% shade cloth. I definitely want to mulch this year, just not sure what the best ones would be. We have a composter bin, but no access to horses for the manure. *I would loooove that, but not sure how...
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    Stolen fruit!

    was it actually behind your fence? perhaps adding a lock to the gate as well as the "on camera" warning?
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    Win a Rolling Garden Sifter

    um... Mark, how do we actually become gold though???
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    Moisture retention

    In our hot dry summer, the struggle to keep plants hydrated can be very real. Between the dry air and the 115f midday heat, even the hardiest of plants wilts. Last summer, even with a 30% shade cloth I had to water 2-3× a day from June to September... except on monsoon days, which were not often...
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    Hi From Vegas USA

    Hello there! We live in Las Vegas NV USA. zone 9 or 9b? I can never remember. lol At any rate I love watching the youtube videos by Self Sufficient Me. I have learned so much! We have 2 kiddos and a small backyard with 2 raised beds. The struggle to keep stuff alive in dry 115f summers is...