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  1. Albert

    Hello from Nevada USA

  2. Albert

    Hola from Rotherham, England

    Hello Martin, Welcome! Aquaponics sounds like a blast to try, please keep us updated on your progress.
  3. Albert

    Growing Health Benefiting Herbs

    Fantastic website! So much to absorb, lots of information.
  4. Albert

    Carbon Pricing Explained using Chickens

    Great video! brings things into perspective.
  5. Albert

    Chicken Breeds

    So much info in this page! I've been wanting chickens for a very long time, they're just so beneficial to gardens in so many ways.
  6. Albert

    Creating raised beds for stuff off the side of the road

    So cool, very awesome and great for the environment! 10/10 great job!
  7. Albert

    DIY'ish Worm Farm

    Great photo! really glad you posted this, I'm in need of starting my own worm farm. Well Done!
  8. Albert

    Hey from Alaska

    Such a beautiful place, awesome picture!
  9. Albert

    Greetings from Northern VA / DC, USA

    I'm here for the exact same reason, trying to up my veggie game this summer too. looking forward to learning from everyone here. Good luck!
  10. Albert

    WA Gardenning and trees in pots

    You have a great space to grow in. I'm interested in knowing how your trees end up!
  11. Albert

    Making Black GOLD!

    Making Black GOLD!
  12. Albert

    Hello From California!

    Hello everyone, I'm very happy to be here. I live in a desert environment in near the Mojave desert. I'm very excited to be come a self sufficient me!