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  1. Melanie

    Question Macadamia Nut Tree

    Hi Mark how is your macadamia seedlings going now.
  2. Melanie

    Weeping fig and macadamia

    Hello all I am looking for tips and advice please . I have recently become the owner of a weeping fig tree about two meters tall in a rather small pot and two little macadamia trees one is only 18 months old and one is about 2.5 years old . I live in a rental so really want to keep them in...
  3. Melanie

    People want fresh veges... Who knew.

    Wow nice job $1 each is an awesome price .
  4. Melanie

    Seeking advice

    thanks there is not much you tube can't show you
  5. Melanie

    Seeking advice

    thank you so much I'll try the ferment and the pickle recipe . I love fermented foods something about being more then just a recipe you cook you need to care for the ferment and sometimes treat it like a baby feed it ,keep it clean ,make sure it's not to hot or not to cold .
  6. Melanie

    baby salad greens

    Im in the hunter valley in a rental with almost useless garden beds really only good for the weeds that fill them . I will eventually get around to digging them out and putting in some nice edibal flowers that don't mind a decent amount of shade . My question is being in a rental I need to have...
  7. Melanie

    Seeking advice

    I have been give a nice watermelon quarter and would like to try pickling the rind . has anyone done this. I love eating pickels love the taste of vinegar. wondering what flavours would go well with this . I've never really pickled anything before solooking for something easy first.
  8. Melanie

    wine from flowers

    So I know you can make dandelion wine . But I'm wondering what other Australian flowers can you make wine from. I love making brewed beverages and I'm really wanting to expand what I use . I'm currently collecting Lilly Pilly berries to make lilly wine . I have two different types of mead and...
  9. Melanie

    Mango from seed in the hunter valley

    yes I know it sounds like a crazy idea by these me out . My friend's son has a tree that's largish not crazy tall . it has been fruiting for as long as they have lived there and has the yummiest mango now they have a pig in the back yard and he makes it his duty to collect any that drop and any...
  10. Melanie

    Win a Rolling Garden Sifter

    you need to interact within the forums , like and comment on others posts and make your own posts or even reply to questions like I am now .
  11. Melanie

    Ginger or Lemon Beer alcoholic or not

    as long as you sterilize and make sure they are clean normal fizzy drink plastic bottles are ok if you want to try carbonation naturally because they are made to withstand a good amount of pressure build up. I use the coles fizzy drink plastic bottles for my ginger beer normally they are fine...
  12. Melanie


    if you like weck jars you will find that the lids for the smaller jars fit nicely Inside the larger jars as a weight.
  13. Melanie

    Herb & Spice Showcase Awww Baby Turmeric

    Melanie submitted a new Showcase Item: Awww Baby Turmeric Read more about this showcase item here...
  14. Melanie

    Hi from Maitland (Hunter Valley NSW)

    Hello I'm in the Hunter aswell and loving this rain . have a look at the swap thread might find something there to help with growing the number of plants you have
  15. Melanie

    Tomato Relish

    That sounds delicious hmmmm so hungry now . I want to ferment which will give that unique tang so I'm thinking fermenting before the food processor part . I have seen people do it before processing and after . Hmmmm now I'm wondering if you could make a fermented relish. I know you have to...
  16. Melanie

    Tomato Relish

    I sure will .I'm looking at making some siracha style sauce for Easter gifts this would go nice with it too.
  17. Melanie

    Dragon fruit white flesh I think hunter valley nsw

    I have a couple of dragon fruit cuttings that have nice roots wanting to swap for other fruit and vedge plants or cuttings let me know what you have
  18. Melanie

    Tomato Relish

    thanks for the recipe going to have to look for easysauce and see if my local coles or woolies have it
  19. Melanie

    G'Day from Newcastle

    I LOVE River Cottage made my first mead from local honey after watching the show. purchased my first dragonfruit cuttings after watching Mark posing under his pot on a tree stump . I've always loved the taste of dragon fruit but not so much the price . Coles here in Kurri Kurri had some very...
  20. Melanie

    Hi from the hunter valley!

    we are in the Hunter aswell we were from Weston but moved to cessnock even tho the two are close my plants prefer cessnock and are thriving or it could just be the recent rain