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  1. bizhat

    Question Bottle Storage

    how neeeat! this is the kind of template I seek. Thank you ever so much for sharing :)
  2. bizhat

    Question Bottle Storage

    on that note; I've run out of bottles.. I usually use 500ml glass bottles with a big turning lid (metal) -- any ideas what can be used instead? I'm currently at a loss of thought..
  3. bizhat

    Question Garage roof repair

    1st time I ever heard of this apparatus - and it's a must have! (when I have the money at some point) - guess I'll just use the saw and those metal cutters u mentioned, file it off an add silicon to the edges. should do the trick. again, much appreciated.
  4. bizhat

    my status..hmm. I just ate a huge sandwich and am as immobile as a tree stump. guess one could...

    my status..hmm. I just ate a huge sandwich and am as immobile as a tree stump. guess one could same I'm rooted xD
  5. bizhat

    Hello from Jundiaí - Brazil !!

    wow. that is a nice variety! do share a picture if u can - I am very curious :D and welcome!!
  6. bizhat

    Finally, my carambolas are flowering !!

    interesting! @DivingTemptress - can u please keep us updated with pictures of the development of those? :) Also, if anyone has more tips on how to protect such fragile fruits from being damaged by wind & weather - do share! (yeees, I am aware that there are suggestions somewhere on-site, but a...
  7. bizhat

    Question Bottle Storage

    How do you guys store your jams, juices and whatnot? (pictures appreciated) - because we've got certain cellar rooms for this, but I believe our wooden shelves are hella unsafe for the way we are storing bottles.. I was thinking of replacing them with metal (tool) shelves that one can screw to...
  8. bizhat

    Tip Simple easy tree trunk protector

    At first I had my doubts due to the added plastic in the ground - but that last picture... yep; what a brilliant idea! Thanks yo :)
  9. bizhat

    Question Garage roof repair

    yep, I'm all about being cheap and the functionality - less the looks (apart from facial hair ofc!!) Thanks man. -- are there perhaps any tips on cutting sheet plate ..easily? (apart from a metal saw, cause thats a darn female dawg. -- like, how one cut glass with string, nailpolish and fire -...
  10. bizhat

    Question Garage roof repair

    Hi, perhaps someone can give me a tip about this (eg. if my personal, unprofessional suggestion is useless, or if they have better ideas) My garage roof was partially destroyed due to a storm a while ago (and, due to unprofessional workers who used too short screws while building the damn thing...
  11. bizhat

    Food forest site or unrealistic pipe dream?

    for/against the clay soil, I'd suggest having dandelions to loosen up the ground (due to their deep roots) AND you can practically eat the whole plant / safe for mulch. Furthermore, they attract bees and pollen-spreading insects for .. your other plants and they can grow on very little water...
  12. bizhat

    Food forest site or unrealistic pipe dream?

    at first glance at that picture, the thought of rather than planting evergreens, some colonies of termites might thrive better - crossed my mind :p ur info says you're in the temperate zone.. could you perhaps specify? (40 Fahrenheit are around 5 Celsius.. is that all year round or just...
  13. bizhat

    Question Which food strainer, mill, press, cold juicer to make sauce or jams?

    Why would you want to remove the seeds? (or even the skin) - as far as I know, they are the healthy parts! ..well, for convenience of the teeth and texture perhaps, I can follow. My two cents would be to continue using a massive cauldron OR find a steam juicer with different sizes of sieves -...
  14. bizhat

    Question Self sufficient survival > wasps

    tried the sugar water + soap, 4 bottles; not a single casualty -- perhaps I am impatient... or the fresh apple waste from the juicer is more attractive (d'oh). Thanks for the very helpful tips. > I'll trash the pile tonight and convert it to my backyard compost. (in a hurry b/c the infested...
  15. bizhat

    Question Self sufficient survival > wasps

    I want to try to keep the massacre as natural as possible.. online, I'm seeing lots of trap instructions (mostly some sort of sugar water w/ soap) -- any thoughts on that? > last night I stuck a waterhose in the compost and drenched it..... yeh. that didnt help, if anything, they are more...
  16. bizhat

    Question Self sufficient survival > wasps

    ---- solved These (warm) days, whatever I do outside, be it pruning the plants, fixing a wall or just mind my own darn business, wasps keep getting in my face trying to tell me all about how I should be joining their Church of Wasp Witnesses. Today I've discovered a nest in one of my composts...
  17. bizhat

    Question (rainwater) pipe extension with no pipe

    Hi there :) , in my unfathomable wisdom (and .. un-will to travel to the city to buy the pipe extension), I have following issue: I have an over-fill basin in my front garden (in case the manholes overflow > so that the cellar doesn't flood) - which is rather dangerous to maintain with the...
  18. bizhat

    Question horrible veg. placing - halp!

    So I haven't quite thought this through.. (and the plants grew explosively in the high-bed, quite unlike they used to on my ****ty mother-soil). -> I'll be making some holders for the cucumbers - kinda like the ones Mark showed on his inedible-cucumber video, however this doesnt really...
  19. bizhat

    when u grow them, do u use 'spiraly' metal sticks to guide the tomatoes upwards or do u just let...

    when u grow them, do u use 'spiraly' metal sticks to guide the tomatoes upwards or do u just let the grow? > if the former, u must look at the plants daily and guide thru the spirally thing, thus they get a certain kind of stability. or is the wind just taking the entire branches with it?