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  1. Tash Hender

    Cabbage walking stick seed

    Thank you, I didn't even think to check ebay lol
  2. Tash Hender

    Cabbage walking stick seed

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. My pop is looking for some Cabbage walking stick seeds. I have looked online but everyone is either out of stock or not currently taking orders. I was hoping someone on here might have some I can buy or know somewhere that would have them. I'm located in...
  3. Tash Hender

    More ants in my backyard than people on earth!

    Hi Dan thanks for your reply. Where I found the ants, there are also worms so not sure about the ants or worms and not both at the same time deal. But I am about to put some fresh compost in my garden and transfer some of the worms into to garden so hopefully that will help. As long as the ants...
  4. Tash Hender

    What do yall grow during summer?

    Hi, I have just moved to a sub-tropical area (Brisbane AUS) so would love to know this too. In January I planted lots of things, but only a few things grew. I'm not sure if the ants "stole" my seeds or if some heavy rain washed them away. My cucumbers are loving life, and all my beans shot up...
  5. Tash Hender

    Need ideas to grow lettuce.

    Hi Kevin, I've seen lots of articles/blog posts about people growing veggies in a vertical wall. If you have a veranda that you can hang pots off. you could try hanging pots. There's a few at bunnings all ready to go, I brought one last month and have herbs growing in it. There are also premade...
  6. Tash Hender

    More ants in my backyard than people on earth!

    Hi Everyone, Hope you are all well. I had, still have a massive ant problem in my backyard. I have just moved to Brisbane and I set up my new veggie garden, planted some seeds and waited and waited and waited, but only a couple of things grew. It could have been one of 2 things or a...
  7. Tash Hender

    Why Introduce Yourself?

    Hi everyone, I'm Tash I moved to Brisbane from Victoria in early January and have a lot to learn about the different climate up here and when the best time to plant veggies are. I've got my garden all set up and planted some veggies in January but learnt it may have been too hot from them or...