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  1. spector

    G'day, the wife and I have a little cooking show we make here in Melbourne.

    I have to admit that I had never heard of a Thermomix and, after checking it out on the Google, I am still not sure what it is. :) Looks interesting, though! (And very expensive!)
  2. spector

    Chinese Broccoli

    Never heard of it, but it sounds interesting! I looked it up, and I would probably stir-fry it. Looks like a weird hybrid between asparagus and kale!
  3. Haden Mango

    Haden Mango

    This tree just arrived. Hopefully, next year, I will be able to post photographs of it with fruit! I am hoping to grow it as a container tree, at least this first year. They do okay in my zone (9), but they don't tolerate frost, and I get the occasional below-freezing night here. According...
  4. spector

    Fruit Showcase Haden Mango

    This thread is for the general discussion of the item Haden Mango. Please add to the discussion here.
  5. spector

    Eat what you grow

    Is it bad that I am already anxious for next spring? I have some new (to me) varieties of veggies I want to try. I feel like that old ad, where the customers stood outside the closed glass doors, chanting "open, open, open." I suspect I will be starting some seeds inside FAR too early next year!
  6. spector

    Reason for trying to be self-sufficient: because you feel you have to or because you enjoy it?

    I always call myself a semi-prepper, because I am not "hard core" about the whole thing. I was thinking about it today, as I was transplanting a wild rose and thinking that a "real" prepper would not be wasting time on flowers. I realized that I practice self-sufficiency because I really have...
  7. spector

    Picking up two Jersey Giant roosters today!

    Yes, they are fitting right in. Now I just have the seven pullets who still need TLC before they can join the flock. (They are still too little to survive as free range.)
  8. spector

    Recommend Test chickens' preference cage or free range

    My chickens seem to prefer my home to theirs. They go to the coop at night to go to sleep, but they hang around my house all day long.
  9. spector

    Food forest site or unrealistic pipe dream?

    Dandelions grow freely on that slope in the spring. My chickens are free-range, but they don't go up there. I suspect they are smart enough to see there is no cover from hawks or coyotes up there! They do go up on the slope, but they go into the part that has trees. I've included a few more...
  10. spector

    Food forest site or unrealistic pipe dream?

    Yes, in the spring, it is green up there. There are also the stumps of some manzanita that were growing too close to the house and that I had to remove for fire control. Around Jan-Feb, when the rain comes in, the weeds grow. It stays green until about June, then dries up and stays dry the...
  11. spector

    Food forest site or unrealistic pipe dream?

    Great idea, nzmitzi. I am now wondering if a green manure crop might be a good start.
  12. spector

    Question Self sufficient chicken bedding

    If you live in a suburban area, you can probably convince a neighbor or two to give you their clippings, if you run short.
  13. spector

    Question Self sufficient survival > wasps

    If they are paper or mud wasps, they should leave after you destroy their nests. You might have to do it 2-3 times to discourage them. I *think* paper wasps have several queens, and each queen will just hide out and then start a new nest, so vigilance is key. I get paper wasps up in my eaves...
  14. spector

    Question Self sufficient survival > wasps

    Good luck. I have paper wasps, and they are generally pretty benign. They buzz around me while I am in the garden, because they like the same foodstuffs as the bees, and there is water out there, but I have yet to be stung by one. Yellow jackets, OTOH, are mean little SOB's. I have a friend...
  15. spector


    I have tried a few things back there, but between the heat, them being "out of sight, out of mind," and in the traffic flow of the dogs, it is pretty much a death sentence. I am thinking I might eventually put a tree back there with a wire cage around it at first, and try to nurture just a nice...
  16. spector

    First batch of peaches harvested

    You shouldn't have long to wait. I bought this bare root in the winter of 2018, so this is just the second harvest year.
  17. spector

    First batch of peaches harvested

    About 1/3 of the crop. I will have to get the ladder out to get the rest. It is a race with the wild birds, and they have already ruined about 1/4 of the fruit, but they go for the easy ones, so I can still find a lot that don't have (many) peck marks in them. :) One of these days, I may...
  18. spector

    Question Self sufficient chicken bedding

    If you use any plant material, you will want to make sure it isn't toxic, either through contact or ingestion. Also, make sure it isn't in long enough fibers to wrap around a toe or foot and cut off circulation. There is nothing wrong with just dirt in a chicken house, if you keep it raked...
  19. spector

    Sweet Potato Harvest

    Wow!! I have a slip that I planted about a month ago growing, but it is in a container, so I don't expect nearly that yield. But, wow!!
  20. spector

    Question To all you ginger growers :)

    Now you are just being mean. ;) I had better hold off for a bit. I have several things coming this way, and I'm not sure I even have room for the stuff I already have!