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    Starting our orchard / food forrest

    Today added 2 grape vines and a curry leaf tree to the orchard. Dave
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    Good Friday tea

    They tasted pretty good to. Dave
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    Fungus ??? Help...

    Hi Mark I think it's called the 3 eyed pacman fungus lol. Really don't have a clue but do get some on our old mulch hay I just leave it be for better or worse. Dave
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    Just a Caterpillar

    Great little fellow Lucas good spotting most people if they saw it at all would just stand on it. I leave them alone unless I catch them eating the plants.
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    lazy preserving of chilli

    Hi Mark great result We are having same results with ours fast as I pick them they produce more ours are still flowering and have thousands of fruit on them . My wife calls them Dave's chilli trees as I think they have grown past the Bush stage and arnt showing and sign of slowing down must be...
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    Backyard to food forest

    Hi Andrew your yard is coming along really good well done. Dave
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    Good Friday tea

    We had 4 of these big beauties for a early tea tonight tasted pretty good . Dave
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    Starting our orchard / food forrest

    Some new additions 2 pineapple plants also a photo of the beautiful new growth coming on our cinnamon tree
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    Starting our orchard / food forrest

    Some photos of the orchard progress
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    Starting our orchard / food forrest

    Hi Mary have planted 40 trees so far 15 to go plus the dragon fruit. Will put some photos up tonight cheers Dave
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    Making up for lost time (hello!)

    Hi Welcome to the forum sounds like you are off to a good start best of luck with the garden and the 2 little ones. Keep your head down in this time of uncertainty and stay safe. Cheers Dave
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    Question How much to plant to become self sufficient?

    I just plant as much as I can fit in my garden you have to allow for some losses due to weather or bugs then at picking time if there's a surplus we preserve or store what we can then give the rest away . Dave
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    First of the 3 Re purposed water tank beds almost done

    Nice job Lucas you will have veggies in abundance in no time at all. Dave
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    Question How much fruit & veg to plant to become self sufficient??

    I always plant as much as I can fit into the garden as you will loose some to bugs,weather etc and then if there's any left over and it's storeable (pumpkin, beetroot,potatoes) store it if not storable we share with the neighbors. Dave