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    Large eucalyptus trees around food forest Adelaide questions

    Yes Josh, it may take some time for the roots to build up but they will find out where you make the soil good and water well, especially come summer time and they will thank you very much . Perhaps you could try some where as far away from the trees as you can manage? We still get harvests from...
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    My temp winter veg patch.....

    That is so great GKW, even if it only gets used in winter, it looks to provide quite a bit!!
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    I have her hooked!

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    Large eucalyptus trees around food forest Adelaide questions

    Hi JC, you will have issues with tree root invasion from our beautiful natives, I've heard conservative estimates that their roots can reach twice as far as the height of the tree and some more wild ?? estimates of up to seven times. We have an acre and a quarter and on our place are between 40...
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    And up pops the odd kiwi

    G'day and welcome nzmitzi, your place looks really nice, I am bit of a fan of a formal type garden - when you have the room to do some serious fruit and veg growing elsewhere! It is nice to have some order and clean lines Having said that, I can never look at it without thoughts on how to 'fix'...
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    Hi Nettyb
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    Chook Tea

    Hi Michael, I don't know for sure but I would *think* that such a tea would be high in certain nutrients etc but also at the same time limited to them. Would it stand to reason that it would also be quite acidic - as chicken droppings can be :) ? would some plants not like that type of specific...
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    Hello Mark, welcome, certainly is pretty awesome here, just as awesome is how easy it is to make your place just as awesome :) have fun :)
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    New from Central FL Zone 9b

    greetings Robert, glad you joined, there are a lot of members in the same kind of climate as you, lots of good, useful information to be had here
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    21 Days Eating Only What We Can Grow

    I was pretty excited when I saw that challenge, I'll do it one day, maybe get hubby a stack of his favourite freezer meals and leave it at that for his dinners and just head out to the caravan and look after my own meals there. I agree with ClissAt, it is a full time job, one best shared with...
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    Thinning out the baby carrots lol

    do you save your own seed ClissAt and grow your own? I'm going with pots for my edibles and a 30 - 50cm pot holds a lot of carrots, two or three of those planted out every month over a 3 to 4 month period and then re using the first one would go a long way to reducing feeding costs for your...
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    Thinning out the baby carrots lol

    I'd so say "you should" but it takes carrots a whole year to flower!! it really is a pretty flower though and all the bugs and bees love those flowers. Certainly a good experience if you can find a nice out of the way spot for a carrot to do it's thing for a whole year :)
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    G’day from Adelaide

    All great suggestions thanks ClissAt, we are very dry here, open and exposed to harsh summer winds that kill. I will look into the canna and moringa - I try moringa from seed once but will try again in pots first. I have coppiced some of our eucalypt and they give good mulch. I do collect a...
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    Question Asking for your 2 cents worth-potatoes in containers

    As I understand it, the potatoes form from/along the root system of the plant so you don't want to trim the top part of the plant, it will be providing the energy and photosynthesis (?) for the underground root system on which your future crop is forming
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    Thinning out the baby carrots lol

    Woah, they look GOOD, will you keep one to save seeds from?