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    Fruit fly?

    You'll find many bugs like squash. Squash vine borers, red footed nymphs, and many others. Even cucumber beetles that look much like lady bugs will go after them. My advice would be to pull any fruit you see early and immediately use it. Check for any worms or pest to keep them from procreating...
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    Squash Vine Borers

    The only way I've found to get around vine borers is to plant early and harvest all I can before they set in. I kill all I can see with my hands but that only works so long. Pyrethian works pretty well but its a contact killer and can be harmful to bees if they visit your garden.
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    The things you find

    Don't be surprised if you find a shell less egg when they first start laying. It's completely normal also for mis-shaped or paper thin shelled eggs till they lay a few.
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    The things you find

    They are perfectly fine to eat except for the shell-less ones (the shell keeps bacteria from entering the egg). Usually the odd shaped are from a new layer whose body hasn't quite adapted to laying yet or one who was just broody and their body is low on calcium from not eating enough but it...
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    The things you find

    You'll get odd eggs time to time. Mine will pop out the odd one after going broody when they start laying again or a new layer will have a few like this. The weird ones are from a new layer that have no shell at all.
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    When to start sewing winter seeds

    In Texas we start sowing winter crops as soon as our summer/ fall crops start to give out. It gives them time to germinate and get root before any frost comes.
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    Pumpkin Problems

    I have seen this happen myself but didn't know you could force it to happen. I thought it was just an anomaly. One great tip!
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    It would have to be a rather large pot. Grapes have extensive root systems. Also the grapes will need to vine onto something and you won't cut all of it back each year. You'll leave the main leaders each year to grow off of. On the other had growing fruits and vegetables is all about...
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    Pumpkin Problems

    Also of note pumpkins and melons are heavy feeders since they are only able to get nutrients and water from one set of roots. Fertilize heavily where the vine comes out of the ground and water there also. Helps to pinch off side shoots that are producing also since the roots can only support so...
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    What problems are you having? Most problems with tomato are usually soil or pest related.
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    Problem What is wrong with my cucumbers?

    Had something similar. Aphids lay their eggs on the underside of the leaves. When they hatch they are little caterpillars that start eating the leaves and will eventually burrow into the cucumber. Found some natural spray made from cersanthims that kills them on the spot but you have to spray it...
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    Hello from Texas!

    hello all. I'm a newish watcher on mark's youtube channel. i think we have similar weather in texas which can be hard to grow certain things in the summer. I hope that maybe i can add just as much as i take from this site.