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    Backyard to food forest

    Congratulations Andrew well done much deserved. Mustard i hadn't growen untill this year i think I have about 20 plant doted around the yard was eating in salads and stir-fries before they went to seed they were massive and the bees just smashed the flowers. Will be growing again next year, will...
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    What's growing in your garden.

    The view is awesome my back fence line is the boundary of the Devonport and Latrobe municipality and over the back is designated agricultural land and should not be subdivided in my life time.
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    What's growing in your garden.

    Thought I would do a quick walk around the veggie patch. At the moment I have sweet corn, painted mountain corn, dwarf peas haven't grown podding peas for years didn't think they grow a meter high? But will get a good harvest if they make it to the kitchen, carrot, beetroot golden and red...
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    Whitening of the tomato leaves can be caused by intense light, if the glass is frosted on your hothouse then transplanting directly into a bright area of your garden could cause the whitening of the leaves. You really need to harden off your plants first before transplanting into there permanent...
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    Its Garlic Planting Time

    No not Elephant garlic was a purple variety had it for a few year it must be the garlic God telling me to start a fresh form new cloves lol. I still have some good garlic growing and I did buy some fresh cloves that half are OK as well. Just mother nature letting me know who's boss.
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    Thinning out the baby carrots lol

    I needed a magnifying glass to see that lol.
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    Its Garlic Planting Time

    Well about half of my garlic has witches broom or re-sprouting which ever you wish to call it. It has to do with temperature fluctuations a warm week or so when a cold snap for a few days it been like that for a couple of months, i won't harvest any just yet. They still have a few month to go...
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    Backyard to food forest

    Andrew i can't see the garden for all the plants, looking at that you will need to have a excercise program for the bunny's to keep the weight off lol. It does look good mate, I have a couple of weeks before I can start planting out most of the garden for our summer in Tassie so a tad jealous.
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    Garden tools

    The only one of my tools that has a name that i can see is a cyclone garden fork would be 6 years old the rest of my garden tools would be 30 years old and the tools I inherited from my father would be 50 or more years old LOL. One of his spades i had to thrown out the metal was so worn and...
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    Its Garlic Planting Time

    I've noticed a few new gardener here in tassie have started lifting there garlic please don't we have just reached the equinox where the day light is becoming longer then the night hours, this is when the garlic starts to form the bulbs and cloves. By now you should have 7 to 12 leaves and the...
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    Mulching/reducing grass under citrus

    Hi Zoe ClissAT did a really good article on citrus care on Marks other web site link below.
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    New Zealand Yam (Oca)

    Holly cow 3 for $10 when i bought ours a few years ago they were about $3 for 20 and now we must have planted $600 worth in the garden from save tubers from last season.
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    Backyard to food forest

    Andrew what you are creating at your place is nothing short of awesome you have to be proud of yourself. I do like the look of the flow hive could you give some feed back on it after a few months, I've heard some mixed reports on it here in Tassie manly in the colder areas.
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    Question Where to source seeds in Australia

    Depends on what state your from, way down here in Tassie i use southern harvest or seed freaks although thay are out of a few lines of seeds still after all the seed buying frenzy that was insane thay even close there online stores for awhile.
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    Flour mill

    Hi Vicky i did look at that one but i had to justify cost to usage (about $330 for base and grinder which it out of stock) would only use it a few times a year and manly for milling corn for polenta etc. the one i bought was a cheaper grinding mill for $78 will see how that goes. But may look at...