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    Robbie replied to the thread Backyard to food forest.
    Congratulations Andrew well done much deserved. Mustard i hadn't growen untill this year i think I have about 20 plant doted around the yard was eating in...
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    Robbie replied to the thread What's growing in your garden..
    The view is awesome my back fence line is the boundary of the Devonport and Latrobe municipality and over the back is designated agricultural land and...
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    Thought I would do a quick walk around the veggie patch. At the moment I have sweet corn, painted mountain corn, dwarf peas haven't grown podding peas for...
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    Robbie replied to the thread Tomatoes.
    Whitening of the tomato leaves can be caused by intense light, if the glass is frosted on your hothouse then transplanting directly into a bright area of...
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    Robbie replied to the thread Its Garlic Planting Time.
    No not Elephant garlic was a purple variety had it for a few year it must be the garlic God telling me to start a fresh form new cloves lol. I still have...
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    Robbie replied to the thread Thinning out the baby carrots lol.
    I needed a magnifying glass to see that lol.