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    Homemade lacto fermented pickled cucumbers experiment

    Hi Tim I do brine pickles often. My recipe is the same as yours except I leave mine for at least 4 weeks, longer if I have enough pickles in inventory. The longer I leave them in the brine the better they taste. I just started eating a batch of sauerkraut that's at least 8 weeks old, probably...
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    Question What to make with too many/glut of eggs?

    I just sampled a batch last night. Tangy, but not salty or sour. Fermenting for 3 days.
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    Hello from Manassas, Virginia

    Yes, at the beginning of the Civil War, the First Battle of Manassas took place. It was the first battle of the war. There was another battle near Manassas later in the war. I sampled an egg last night. They have been brining for 3 days now. Tasty, but not sour or salty. I used a culture...
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    Hello from Oak Run, Ca.

    I've found that the biggest considerations are ice, salt, cucumbers, tannin and dill. You can use a wide variety of jars and produce great pickles.
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    Hello from Manassas, Virginia

    I've recently got into lacto-fermenting and after several failures have produced several batches of pickies, sauerkraut and just recently, hard boiled eggs. I'm looking forward to sharing recipes and processes with like minded people.