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    What are you harvesting/picking?

    Nice. I am only picking loose leafed lettuce that is heading toward seeding. Your garden sounds like it is doing well. Good work no doubt. Still eating pumpkins, got next years in now. Trying Queensland Blue. Strawberries are doing good but my aching hands stop me from lifting the mesh covers...
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    Native Stingless Bees

    Lovely video. Love to see more. Have a log with some native bees in it. Hoping to make a box and move some into it eventually. Did you make the box? Did it cost much? Was it difficult? I have been watching UTube vides n Australian Stingless Bees and look forward to enjoying as you do.
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    Community Garden

    Thanks to Utube, I think I am what they call a gerryrigger. I fix things the best way I can. I've got the tools I can afford, which is not all I would have liked. And I will do the best I can, knowing that a professional would turn up their nose.
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    Community Garden

    Wow, you're doing an amazing job there. What a lovely read from top to now. I am currently in Cunnamulla fixing a house damaged by tenants. No garden here plently of weeds and black wattle to deal with though. I am glad for the dry weather out here, just for the lack of hard work, as the house...
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    Question Jalapenos / chillies!

    The chooks and cows get our over production. But the drought this year has affected us in SE Queensland where I live.
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    What are you harvesting/picking?

    I failed carrot growing this year. I got so comfortable with the little showers we had the previous years I didn't watch how dry they got this year now the drought is showing here.
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    What are you harvesting/picking?

    Yes my friend does the paint brush thing early in the season when the first male and female flowers open.
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    What are you harvesting/picking?

    We had self sown lettuce and they're still coming on. Cauliflower and cabbages doing okay. Potatoes started. Beetroot slow. Spinach to plant. Garlic going well. Couldn't get carrots to start this year. Mandarins, orange and lemons trouble with curly leaf. Think I lost the mandarin.
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    Protection Frame for Tomatoes or any fruit/veg

    Excellent solution. Good writing, wonderful photos. I will trial this on our tomatoes and corn. The pretty red and green parrots love green tomatoes and the crows love the corn. Might even utilise a similar one for strawberries as the Gulnea Fowl have decided they like them. I lost my only...
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    Newsletter from Katek fertilizer company.

    Interesting. I think I will try some. It is sold locally.
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    18 months later..

    Wow that is wonderful. Good photos and an inspiring message.
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    Solar Garden Lights

    I am interested in what works.
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    Got him! Fox that was attacking my chickens & ducks

    Good luck. We have a fox that we hear barking nearly every night. Haven't sighted it and our chook pen has been repaired recently. I do doa a check every day in case though.
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    Broccoli and Brussell Sprouts

    So far the cats and dogs are doing a fair job. Only places I notice them are inside house, on verandah groun level and running around the garden itself. I haven't lost any seedlings to them yet.
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    Broccoli and Brussell Sprouts

    At the moment I only have to deal with mice. We have a plague.